I am fairly new to this site, so more then anything this is only a test post as well as going into a brief description of what exactly it is that I will be doing here. If you are a person that is into anime, manga, comics, and stuff like that, well you came to the right place. If you want to read about anime reviews, ask about series you are uncertain, want to know someones first impressions of the latest releases at the start of an Anime season, well look no further. Do you want opinion and rants, I will have that too. I will also be doing top five (insert thing here) every now and again as well.

I really like to write, and currently I am attending college, where I am majoring in Professional Writing. Although I do not know much on how a blog works, I want to give it my best to write about something that I really enjoy. I also hope that you can enjoy this as well. This is something that I will hope give me practice in different forms of writing in my spare time. I hope this will help get my name out there, while I will also be posting stories on wattpad, and rough drafts of one story on deviant art, this is just going to be practice in an alternative style.

Although this post will probably be out a week before my first Anime review and my first post on wattpad, I am hoping that one I will figure out how this works and get a way to connect everything as well as devise some sort of schedule. Currently I am thinking of posting here two to three times a month, at least a every other week schedule. Sometimes it will be an anime review, or rant, or in January first impressions. Reviews will be once a month, and for my third review people will be able to start voting from a list I put out.

So, until that first review, good bye for now.