For starts, this is going to be written in two parts. After seeing episodes 23 of Akame ga Kill and then after seeing episode 24 of Alame ga Kill. So, needless to say I have no idea if this is going to be a rant or an opinion. Also MAJOR SPOILERS for are Akame Ga Kill manga from chapter 39 onward. So, just the entirety of Akame ga Kill for spoilers.


Again, Major Spoilers for Akame ga Kill. Do not read if you have not seen Akame ga Kill and plan on seeing it.


Part 1: My thoughts after watching episode 23

I have been a fan of Akame ga Kill, since before the anime was announced. In all honesty, it has been almost a year. It was on December 18, 2013 when I started to read the manga, and it took me only a few hours to read all 41 chapters that there were at the time. I only know, since it was marked when the next chapter came out and I caught up before it did. Plus with the announcement of the manga getting an official English release, I am super excited for next month.

Anyway enough about that, I was really excited when the anime was announced. At the same time I was a little curious on where it would stop exactly. I figured with what happened on chapter twelve, that would probably be around episode twelve or a bit earlier. It happened to be episode nine. So, I assumed it would more than likely get 24 to 26 episodes and cover right to around chapter 40. Well, they certainly went past that taking part of manga and going down its own route.

After episode nineteen, aka the episode where the fight between Mine and Seryu, (which was the happiest moment in the manga for me when I finally got to that fight), it slowly brakes away sort of from the manga and gives it an original ending.  At first I was so annoyed. Then episode 23 happened. I think it was more of Loke’s death that made me not like it, mostly because they changed it, that and they left out an entire plot that gave development to Run as well as the Prime Minister’s son. Also, and more importantly, killing off Mine. Anyway, then episode 23 happened.

Warning whining from a fan boy is imminent, plus spoilers, again.

Why, why, why did they have to kill off Tatsumi? Sure, it was awesome, the recent chapter in the manga also made Incursio evolve to a new stage as well, granted both are different but still. Why did they have to kill him off? It was because of that blind side that made me really think about this show. I love the manga, it is my favorite. All this time for the anime it felt like it was missing something. But, depending on how episode 24 ends, this might be a contender for my top ten even then it would probably still be in top twenty. It was simply because that caught me off guard, and it is because all the deaths in Akame ga Kill, in the manga, have always caught me off guard. I always viewed him safe, and Akame, with no one else being safe. That just blew my mind. It was because it reminded me of the manga how no one is safe that made me love this series.

Anyway, comparing it to Attack on Titan. At one point it becomes predictable who will die, and who will obviously survive. I love Akame ga Kill more than Attack on Titan, solely for the fact that for all I know in the next chapter Akame could die even though she is the title character. The anime made me love it again because of that blind side with Tatsumi. I feel a little speechless now. So, my thoughts as of right now, they are doing good job with this series. I would also love to see possible OVAs of the prequel spin-off that follows Akame before she works for Night Raid.

Part 2: After episode 24

Well, I think I am still saddened from last week’s development when it came to Tatsumi. But my thoughts have not changed. I really liked it in general. Sure, when they decided to give it an original ending I hated the thought, but now, well I really enjoyed how they played it off. The fight between Akame and Esdeath, although it has been said when it all ends it will be decided with their fight. That was said in the manga, and I liked how that was the last major fight in the anime. It really seemed fitting for their fight. The fight was amazing for starters, and the gautar playing in the background fit perfectly for the fight. Plus, I am really curious what Akame’s trump card is, that is if it will be different in the manga compared to the anime. Also how Najenda acknowledged Loke’s death finally towards the end.

However, the one thing that I found odd was the post credits scene. It really wanted me to ask for more, despite all the characters basically dying and the main plot being solved a second season would not work in anyway. However my thoughts on doing the prequel series as an OVA would be amazing. Anyway, my only other thoughts about the final episode, besides how I am surprised I was when it came to enjoying the original ending, are just that.

My hopes are when it comes to the future of this series are that Silver Fox (the company that made this anime) does what Bones did for Fullmetal Alchemist, where it was given an original ending, only when the manga series ended they rebooted it and gave it the real ending. I really hope that happens, because looking back on the manga, there is no real stopping point or halfway point that would be fitting for an anime series that is 12 episodes or even the length of this one at 24 episode, however if that does not happen, as of right now I am content with the ending.

I enjoy the manga for Akame ga Kill because of the fact that it can surprise me with who could die next. The anime did a wonderful job when it came to that, especially what happened in episode 23. Although there are cases when I do not like original endings (Cough Rosario + Vampire Cough), however sometimes when they are done right, they could be better than the original, although I have yet to see that. Could the ending of this anime be better than the manga, probably not, but it will be nice to see what my thoughts about it when the manga ends. Seeing the creator did have a say on how they wanted the anime to end, at the same time mentioned how they wanted to make it different from the planed ending. Anyway, the ending was fitting for this series, especially coming from a fan of the source material.

Akame ga Kill anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is streamed on Crunchyroll. In January 2015, Yen Press will release the first manga volume in North America.