part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1

Summer Season

Well, I am just going to start hitting hard and some of the best shows came out that summer, the return of SAO and Sailor Moon. As a child I never saw Sailor Moon, so far when it came to Crystal, well it has been enjoyable. What was always so interesting was Akame ga Kill, especially once it was reaching the finally with it finally making me enjoy it once more, only as an anime series.

But it was not all about the hard actions of shows that had source material in terms of action. Aldnoah Zero more than likely gave the biggest twist in the finally which makes me excited for season two, as well as very worried. Since it is a series by the person who created Psycho Pass, well season two is bad.

Like in the spring season with Bryhildr in the Darkness, Tokyo Ghoul decided to speed up when it came out with a short season with as much episodes as they could get into it. Although it was still mixed in some cases where people either enjoyed it or hated it. Unfortunately this was one show that I dropped unintentionally.

Comedies also where making a rise with Locodol, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki kun, and Sabagebu! for some of the funniest series this year, with something to laugh about each time. Some episodes where funnier than others, but that goes without saying. In all honesty for comedies Sabagebu and Monthly are close to the top. However Invaders of the Rokujouma?! is near the top when it comes to shows that came out a lot better than one would originally thought of.

Then there was Fate.Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! To help get pumped for the new Fate Stay Night. Although the magical girl fan service like series is easily pale in comparison, it still helped prepare oneself in what we knew would defiantly do a one eighty once the new series comes out. Yet there was a few that fell apart or thought would be better or were slowly forgotten to watch.

Fall Season

Well, soon the year entered the final part. It soon became one of the most watched season for me with a lot of series. Some I had held in high hopes. Psycho Pass 2 I unintentionally dropped before it went terrible. I still want to see it, but a part of me does not knowing the fact it gets worse. Trinity Seven was another, sort of. They covered a lot of stuff, and shoved at least two to three chapters an episode, which considering each chapter is only forty pages, it is a lot. I would focus on other series that I had high hopes for, but I fell in love with the manga for Trinity Seven and read nearly it all within two days. I was sort of satisfied with it, yet sort of not. The art was indeed amazing though.

Yet there were plenty that went beyond their expectations after the first few episodes, Cross Ange. At first it looked like it was just going to be fan service filled, it just took a little while before that soon disappeared and actually started to get good to watch and continue to get good.

There is a lot to cover, so much to cover for this season, since some will continue into the winter season. Parasyte has been staying a steady pass. Even coming into shows later, like Celestial Method and Yona of the Dawn made it well worth it, at least for now. There was plenty others. Including a surprise to know later, that Yuki Yuna  wa Yusha de Aru being an excellent late starter in the season and also being from the creator of Akame ga Kill.

Hopes for 2015

Well, Akame ga Kill was announced to go into the final arc soon. I have a feeling it will wrap up around chapter seventy or so, currently it is at fifty five. Hopefully it will be another year. Fairy Tail feels like it is nearing the end soon, but I could be wrong. It feels like it has at least two to three major story arcs left after the current one. The Date A Live film will be original works, even though the subs will probably not be out until 2016. Then there are more series that I am looking forward to. There is also the anime adaptation of Yamada and the Seven Witches, which I am looking forward too, providing they do not try to cover too much.

Hopefully an anime adaptation of UQ Holder will be announced in 2015. Really a lot of shows I hope get another season at some point or another as well. Heavy Object has an anime in the works, which is based off the work from the creator of a Certain Magical Index. More news on the 2016 season of Attack on Titan would be good. It also goes without saying that there will be more Bakemonogatari since the entire series has been green lit for anime form.

There are a countless number of things that can come out next year, be announced or just be a lot better than I originally thought after watching it. It will all start with the winter season once more. With that said, here is to another year passing with hopes for the future.