The blog is little over a month old now, and for all the people that have viewed it this past month I just want to say thank you. As of right now it is called the Reviewer’s Corner, but I think I might want to change that. I am not sure what I would change it to, but for right now it will probably stay.

So before I get started I would like to say on my deviantart account I normally do an update every week or every other week, that is when I upload. Here I am hopefully just going to do every other month. I am still getting the kinks worked out and having things done the way I like them to be here. Personally I enjoy the Top Fives and how they are. As for reviews, well I only got two done, and really they are for whatever I feel like, but I want to have themes for each month. March and April I plan to have manga and comedy themed respectively. Anything planned after that is really up in the air in terms of themes.

What to expect in the next two months.


For now in reviews I have Sailor Moon Crystal episodes 1 to 14 since that is the first arc as well as Magi Season One planned. I might get an Akame ga Kill review, I do not know. Also since the winter season begins my first impressions will be coming out for that. They will be in parts, for a certain amount of series, I have a decent amount planned to watch of the new lineup. Then come February I will do another part to the first impressions on if I am still watching those shows or not and why I am still watching or dropped or shows I picked up later on. Top Five will be out weekly, with one being Shojo anime related and the other Magical related.


I am thinking of doing the 30 day anime challenge, only my way. It will be little blurbs and me describing it rather than posting a picture. I think that would be a good thing to do to get a lot of stuff out there, seeing January will be more filled with impressions. Also more than likely since it is February reviews will be romanced based since Valentine’s Day or Singles awareness day as I see it. Top Fives will also go back to being once every other week as well with a theme to the month, that is unless I can think of anything more to do for it.

Again this past month has been rather fun. For updates when any of my work is put out, be it here, deviantart, or wattpad, follow me on twitter. Deviantart as I mentioned gets a lot more updates, but I am on hiatus till February. So, until next time I would like to say thank you and good bye.

1/18 Edit: I later decided to hold off on the Sailor Moon review until the series finished the next arc and instead do a possible discussion.

1/20 Edit: As of my third review, that is more then likely what will be the set up for it for now on for future reviews.