So, this will be coming out in parts as well as more than likely coming out later in the day then I am used to posting. I am also going to try to do this in groups of three if that is possible. At the end of each part it will be connected to the next one. At the same time there will be several series discussed in each part. I will also only be covering series that are licensed to stream, which one series that I know of I will not discus. In this part I will be discussing Kamisama Kiss Season 2, Yuro Kuma Arashi, and Absolute Duo. I am only going to talk about the plot of Kamisama Kiss, since the other two did not really show any major signs for the plot of the series, it will be like that for some series over others.

Kamisama Kiss Season 2

I have had a little bit of a weakness for Shojo series, since I first watched the first season of this series. Granted I have not seen a lot, since most of the shows on my “to watch list” tend to get ignored and I really only go to when I feel like it. Anyway enough about why I have only seen few Shojo shows despite liking them.

As I mentioned I watched the first season when it came out, and I kind of forgot about what happened. I know I enjoyed it; I still have the opening theme stuck in my head, as well as a few other things that I remember about the series. Since this is the second season I will just go out and say it if you have seen season one watch it, if you are thinking of checking it out, it is up to you. I already know I will be watching this series in full.

So, not much really changed since season one. Nanami is still trying to be a land god and has acknowledged the fact that she is in love with Tomoe. The starting episode does not waste any time in getting into what will be the main plot for this season as man-lady-man aka Otohiko is tasking Nanami with a Shinigami egg to take care of to test her in order for her to attend a meeting of gods. That is pretty much all there is needed to know in terms of plot for the episode. As I said before I plan to keep watching since I enjoyed the first season, and this episode had the same way of doing things as it did in season one. Funimation will be streaming this series.

Yuro Kuma Arashi

Well, I went into this show not sure what to expect. I knew it was going to be a Fantasy and Yuri series, and well, what I got would probably be the best definition of anime. It reminded me of Attack on Titan in the sense that you replace the titans with bears, the wall is now known as the Wall of Extinction, and the Survey Corps is replaced with girls wielding snipers. With how random the plot is, bears now eating people due to a meteor exploding, I am really unsure if I will watch the whole series. It is not a comedy yet some of the key points for the plot make I sound like it will be. The yuri factor was quickly established seeing it is an all-girls school, so what is exactly going to happen in this series? I do not know in any way, this is an original work. But, I will do what I normally do, in some cases if I really do not like it I will drop it after episode one, if it is too soon, which is the main case; I will keep it for the first couple of episodes to try it out. Because it is too soon for me to know if I am going to watch it in full or not, that can either mean check it out if you planned to, or just do whatever you feel like. Funimation will be streaming this series.

Absolute Duo

 To me watching the first episode it really felt like a generic harem anime waiting to happen. To top it off the first episode really had a mellow ending, with only knowledge of what is happening at the school in the sense of what is a Duo. Not much is really explained about really anything. Really this show, I already know how generic it is and how it will not be the greatest series of this season, but I will watch it anyway since not much is ever on Tuesdays, since Yona of the Dawn I watch Wednesday mornings. I also do not have much to say other than that. As to all the ones before watch it if you want to, as of right now if you do not watch it you are not missing much. This show is also going to be streamed by Funimation.

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