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Much like the last one I will only be covering series that are licensed to be streamed or will be streamed.  In this part I will be discussing Kantai Collection and The Testament of the Sister New Devil. I will also try to describe what the plot might be for the series, at least to my best abilities, which to me it feels like I decided to ignore for the first part. I will try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum, but there are no promises.

Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection is about girls that are anamorphic versions of battleships. It is like battleship only it’s not. The girls are the only one that can take down these evil monsters, and this really does sound like an anime waiting to happen. In fact there are already several like this where only the girls can do it, but that is a list for another day. Anyway they have to fight these monsters that are taking over the oceans. That is about it.

To me I will point out my biggest problem from the start, the CGI that it switches to constantly. The scenes that were used for CGI just did not work and could have at least been done normally, if the entire series was CGI that would be different. I am only focusing on this problem and well another as well. This is one of the shows that had some hype to it for this season, and the starting episode did not really do it for me. It did not suck me in and made me want to watch more like most major hyped shows of the season do. I get that is based off a mobile game and the only anime I can think that is like that is Girl Friend Beta, which I dropped. However I have a feeling I will not drop it like Girl Friend Beta, at least not after episode two. I think I will try to keep it for at least a few more episodes before I officially decide to drop it. Where it stands now, since it did not really do it for me and made me be impressed, this might be dropped. But I have somewhat of some hopes for a future episode.  The series is going to be streamed by Crunchyroll.

The Testament of the Sister New Devil

I decided to do this one a little differently. Since this is an ecchi series, and although I do not like them, but watch them occasionally for whatever reason since some have a good plot to them, but that is far and few, I decided to see how many clichés there were in the first episode  which I got roughly nine.

Enough about that, time for the plot. The Testament of the Sister New Devil begins with the main character’s dad saying about remarrying and that he will get a little sister. Time goes on with embarrassing situations, which was to be expected unfortunately. Soon the discovery of how the main characters new little sister turns out to be the new demon lord comes to light, and everything else insures.

I get a bit of a High School DXD vibe from this series, and High School DXD besides being the series with probably the most ecchi, is unfortunately one series that I said that I like for the plot. With the clichés I will admit ninety percent of those did not require the sensor bar for once. However getting away from that topic, how they built up the world with demons and heroes it seems interesting and could be explored well. My worries for this series are the fact that it is from the creator of Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, which the final episode was leading up to the second season that never happened, plus I hated the main character, but the fantasy elements were good, which is one thing I am hoping stays. This I am hoping will be different, since the main character seems somewhat likeable. In terms of fan serves compared to most series in the genre it was on the little lighter side. If it keeps up I will be fine with it. I think this might be a series I will keep, maybe. It is not the greatest of the shows that I have seen this season, although that is only five, but it certainly is not the worse. Crunchyroll is also streaming this series.

Part 3

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