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Like all parts before this is only going to be discussing series that is licensed to be streamed. In this discussion I am going to talk about Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Gourmet Girl Graffiti, Idol Master Cinderella Girls. I was going to do Unlimited Fafnir, but it was way to generic and will probably be dropped no matter what.


Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

I just had to write this before I forget, but I love the opening line discussing how that fan service is causing a decline in the anime industry, where clearly the scene is nothing but fan service, okay now I need to go back and watch the show. Also that title.

Alright, I am going to skip the plot, since this was a prologue that takes place later in the series, thus being episode 0. At the same time from what I have gathered is that it is about making a game in time for an event. I have to say I enjoyed it, especially the irony filled parts. Some scenes were done perfect to either the discussion or as a way to introduce the characters. The discussion of the prologue in the game and the fact that this episode served as a prologue to introduce the characters was well thought out. There was not much more for me to say other than the fact that if they keep up what they did here in the prologue, then this will be a series that I will keep. It is being streamed by Crunchyroll.

Gourmet Girl Graffiti

            So, from what I can tell from the plot is that it is going to be about cooking food. Ryo is an eighth grader living on her own since her parents work overseas (This seems like a major trend in anime). So she has to cook for herself. Now, her second cousin is planning on going to the same high school with her and is currently going to go to the same cram school as well. She then meets her second cousin where they eat food and talk, I guess. That was the best I could do with the first episode.

Anyway, when watching it I have that nostalgia from the summer anime Locodol, which had its own sense of comedy and stuff. Only instead of singing this will be more of cooking. It seems interesting, but there were not many moments that made me chuckle a lot.  But it was nice and relaxing like most slice of life series are, which I enjoy. If it keeps this feeling and maybe gets a little more interesting, I will keep it maybe. This series is being steamed by Cruchyroll.

Idol Master Cinderella Girls

            For starters I would like to say I have no idea why I watched this show, which is all I have to say.

Okay, so the premise of this series was that the main character wants to be an idol, then she does. Now with less sarcasm even though that was true, it then becomes a matter of recruiting the two other members, and the second member really does not want to be an idol and it becomes a matter of recruiting her.

As I mentioned I have no idea why I watched this for any reason. However it was alright. Not the greatest and I never saw an idol series before other than Locodol. But this is something I would have to give a few episodes to know if I will watch it fully. It was rather interesting on how fast and easy a person can become an idol, if only it was that easy to be published or have their writing acknowledged in the industry for me. Anyway, besides my dreams, this series I will hold onto for a few more episodes, probably three before I decide to drop it or not. This series is being streamed by Daisuki.

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