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Like always I am only discussing my impressions of shows that are going to be streamed legally. In this post I will be discussing Assassination Classroom, Aldnoah.Zero episode 13, Maria the Virgin Witch. I have yet to watch Duarara and Dog Days, so I am currently watching those before I do my impressions of those, since I like those series since I started to watch them.

Assassination Classroom

The plot for this series is rather simple. Class 3-E is tasked with killing their teacher, an octopus like monster that threaten to destroy the earth in one year time unless they kill him. Of course one problem with the class is how no one respects them and is treated as the lowest of the low, except for their teacher, who is the best that they ever had.

I have to say this was my most anticipated series this season, and it did not disappoint in anyway. I only read the first few chapters last summer, and I thought it was good. I can see them following the manga faithfully, that is unless they want it to have a complete story with the 22 episodes they have in store for it. Regardless, this series did live up to my expectations of it and I will hopefully be keeping it the whole way through. This series is being streamed by Funimation.


I am not going to talk about the plot, since this is episode 13 and not a second season. But I am a little frustrated about what happened. The ending was good; with the exception the war did not end and now it turns out all the characters that died did not die. I am not going to say any more than that other than my worries for this is proven so far. I will keep it through to the end and hope that this little hiccup will just be that. That shock value immediately went away when this episode aired, and now I really hope it does not try to do something like that again. This series is being streamed by Cruchyroll.

Maria the Virgin Witch         

    Well, there is this witched named Maria. She does not like war and I knew the series takes place during the period where France and England where at war since that what the internet says. But going off what the internet says not much of what the real plot was revealed. But I think the title hints at what it could deal with.

Anyway, I really like fantasy anime. Granted a majority of the series I watch are comedies and such. I do like fantasy, be it back in time or in another world all together. I was looking forward for this series because of that fantasy element. It did not disappoint me when it came to it. This is one series that I will know I will keep for the season.  Funimation is streaming this series.