Basic Rule

This was a long time coming, as in just two reviews. Any I wanted to make it clear for how I will be grading the reviews. For starters I look at the genre of it that plays a major role. For example, harems that have a lot of clichés would get minus points or comedies that have several episodes that are not that funny or are just not funny in general. It is things like that decide the grade. So a magical girl series would be graded differently from a harem series or a music series. So, besides the genre, and I mean the main genre that is apparent in the episodes the most. Date A Live had the harem genre. While When Super Natural Battles Became Commonplace was rated in comedy despite being in the harem genre, comedy was more relevant.


The Grade

This is just a basic number system, so the lowest medium and middle are known Anything in the middle of those will more than likely be seen a lot.


0/100 = Do not watch, just hope to forget it. (I doubt this will ever happen)


50/100 = Average, I would not recommend, but I might recommend


100/100 = Perfect (Again I doubt this will ever happen, with one exception)


Bonus Points and Minus Points

+ Living up to expectation

+ Worth the Hype to begin with

+ Different compared to most in that genre

+ Was a lot better then you originally thought it would

–  Did not live up to expectation

– Did not live up to Hype to begin with

– Generic and has a lot of clichés

– Seen it before countless times

– Was not worth the time in some cases

– The final episode ended on a cliffhanger and there is no word for a second season

I am sure there are more, but again this is just a basic.