top 5 This I can already tell just starting to write it will be face palm worthy for me. That aside, originally the Sailor Moon Crystal Review of the first arc was supposed to go hand and hand with this, but I later decided to wait until the show was done in general. This was mostly to feel less embarrassed, but clearly that did not happen. So, without further ado, like last week with a guy discussing shojo series, here is that same guy talking about magical girl series. I have also only seen about five, so, the list mostly refers to those five that I have seen.

Number 5: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Fatekaleid_liner_logo

Alright, well this is a spinoff of Fate Stay Night. I am not really sure how it works in some cases. Somehow Illya is younger the Shiro, despite the fact that they are the same age in Fate Stay Night, she might not look it in that series, but she is eighteen. Despite this in this series they are obviously younger, to fit the whole Magical Girl theme, at the same time I do not get why she is now younger then him, this only confused me more. I mean sure it is obvious that she is younger for fan service reasons, but still.

Anyway enough about my little rant there. It is for that rant that it is at Number Five, that and the fan services that I really wish it just did not have. Although it does have redeeming qualities in the fights, story, and how they were able to pull off a successful magical girl themed adaptation on one of my favorite franchises, however sometimes not even that is all redeeming in comparison to the rest of the series in that franchise. If I were to review this series it would probably be a 40/100, just because it pales in comparison to the other Fate series. At the same time I will admit I will still watch it regardless because it is a Fate series and it can fill the void come summer when the next season comes out while I wait for news for the Heaven’s Feel Route movie.

Number 4: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was at Number 1 last week for Shojo series; this was mostly because of the impact on the genre sailor moon logoand a lot of people that watch anime. For me as I stated I did not watch anime growing up, other than a selected few that is considered anime.  Watching the older series, subbed by the way, I just cannot really get into it for long. I might be able to watch an episode or two in a row at most. Crystal, yes I can see it has flaws, but personally I like the more mature feel that I get when watching it that I do not get watching the original series. Both series are flawed, but it is better then what was at number 5. At the same time I think the fact it airs every other week is what makes me look forward to it. Watching the old version I can clearly see why it was so popular. At the same time there are a few things that I do like about it. This was a series that helped define the magical girl genre, but since that was a little over two decades now, it clearly changed. It should be higher for this reason, but personally I do not want to put it higher for reasons that I find the next three a little more enjoyable.

Number 3: Happiness Charge Precure

This is where the face palm comes in. Well, Number 5 was aimed at the male audience, number 4 although aimed at the female audience, guys still like it, and then there is this one that is clearly aimed at the younger female audience. I do not remember what compelled me to watch this series over a year ago. However, I will admit I do not precure logoregret starting to watch it. Number 5 I could personally care less if I never watched it and number 4 I feel like I should at least watch some of it since it is a classic. This series is different. I will admit outside of this adaptation I have watched Fresh Precure, and Doki Doki Precrure. I have tried to watch others, but could not get into it as much. Out of the three that I have seen, this adaptation is the best in my eyes. I am not going to say more other then I like it for the story, the character interactions, and the fact that is different compared to the other two series that I have seen towards the ending. I do touch upon my thoughts, at least on one of the characters in my Top Five Female Characters of 2014. At the same time this fits the idea when one would think of what a magical girl series is, at least how it is now.  

Number 2: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

This is another series that makes me feel like I want to give myself a face palm for enjoying. As of right now I have only seen the first series. However for what I know about future series in this franchise there are some things that I rather enjoy. For starters the first season she is about nine years old, in the new series coming out this springnanoha_logo she is in her twenties I think. I cannot name many anime series that have a character that age that much. Sure, there are series that they may age two, maybe three years, but not more than ten. DBZ seems to be the only other one that can come to mind. Then there is the fact where the origin for the character started, which I find a little funny considering how much more popular this series is in comparison to that.  Although I would like to avoid, talking about something like this, but the character was the younger sister to someone from a, lack of a better term adult visual novel, which is why this series is aimed towards the male audience. Here is another reason why I am sort of regretting this Top Five since I did not do that Sailor Moon Review.

That aside although I have only seen the first season, as previously mentioned, the development between Nanoha and Fate is one that I really enjoy. How those two act around one another is just one reason why it is this high. At the same time this is again aimed towards the male audience to where the female aimed series tend to focus more on feelings against the villain, the male tend to focus on just action and strength and over powering the villain. I really wish I did not talk about this one. But I want to be a little humorous, but clearly this is going to be my low point. Anyway, regardless this is here more for how Fate and Nanoha’s relationship is and where it goes from there.

Number 1: Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Besides what I pointed out for this series when it made it to number one for Top Original Series of 2014. For having a good story, being by the creator of Akame ga Kill was an interesting thing to find out later. In all honesty it skipped my mind that Toga was supposed to be at Number 3 for Female Characters of 2014, and the one that was not to be on the list was Akatsuki from Log Horizon, but that is what I get for binge watching that series before working on that Top Five.

Anyway, now that the embarrassing part is over I can actually talk about something for once in this Top Five. How wonderful is that?

Anyway, as I stated I do like the characters and the story development. Now I yet to see Madoka Magica, although I only know one major twist, the episode 3 twist. Other than that I know nothing about that series. So when this series came along some people were speculating that it was going to go down that route and to quote poor fan logo yukisubs, “People die if they are killed!” However since I did not see that series I have no way to compare it to this one other than my previous knowledge of that. At the same time, I am at least hoping that this series is different than that one in several factors.

This series was more or less one of my favorites from last year. Going in I just thought this was just going to be a slice of life series. I did not know it was going to be a magical girl series, and it surprised me at that. The story, the characters, and a few other things I really enjoyed. The final episode I do have to say I had two problems, the problem just seemed to be solved instantly. The other being Yuna was just playing with my emotions for half of it so I could hardly see the subtitles and had to pause. Other than that I really liked the series and it was a pleasant surprise to watch not knowing what to expect.

So before this twenty one year old man embarrasses himself any further, although after this Top Five I doubt it, I am done. I do not have any series to recommend; since those were the only series I have seen in this genre.