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So, to finish off the theme of magical for this month I will be discussing Magic in series. Now not everything can be how stories have a similar concept of magic. However magic is different no matter what. Sometimes it is the sources, sometimes it is how it is done. So finishing off this month, I will talk about five series that have magic that is different compared to others. This Top Five is also a little shorter, since it has less embarrassment and is more focused on what magic is and how it works, and not the series as a whole.


Number 5: Witchcraft Works

To be honest I am always a little confused how magic works here. This is more of when the main character gains magic. It seems as simple as throwing on a cloak and calling yourself a witch in order to become one. I was debating on whether or not this series or Trinity Seven should be here. But so little is known about how magic works in this series that makes it here. Magic in this series is never really explained. At the same time what it can do and how it works is not as well. Magic is simply just there, and it protects the city, and other things. So, with how unknown magic is, makes it at this spot. Trinity Seven at least has an interesting history behind it.


Number 4: A Certain Magical Index

There is one thing that I rather enjoy about Index, is that it takes people with super powers and magic and combine it into one story. Sure, people with ESP cannot use magic, and vice versa, without running the risk of destroying their body and losing their magic. Yet it, like three of the five here, it comes from the origin of magic. Ironically it comes from the bible and the church that are magicians. It is going off of that, which makes magic interesting in this series. Not only that but it is different, when it comes to what it can do, and how it is done. Granted, I have not seen this series in almost two years, even though it is my second favorite series, but magic can be a grand scale thing or very minor what it can do. It could wipe people’s memories, or put up a small barrier. There is no limit to what a single person could do with magic providing they know what they are doing, have the right artifacts for it, and really anything else.


Number 3: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

I find Magi’s way of doing magic rather interesting. It deals with manipulating Magoi. This is something that is within everyone, yet not everyone has the ability to be a magician. By manipulating the Magoi one can control certain elements. Then when it comes to doing certain spells it involves manipulating it in such a way to make the spell work. One would need to know the components and everything that goes into making a certain thing happen. In the first season I think a good example is with the illusion steam spell that was used since it reflected light. It is little things that can make magic so complicated that makes it at number three. It is also the source of where it comes from that puts it there as well.


Number 2: Fairy Tail

Although where magic comes from and how exactly does it work is not really known. What is known is that only about; if I remember correctly, twelve percent of people have magic. At the same time what is so interesting and well done in Fairy Tail is that on the top of my head only three people have the same magic, which is Celestial Spirit mage. At the same time each one of those are different since different keys where used. Magic is very different compared to most series here simply for the fact that no one really shares a similar magic. Although the Grand Magic Games arc was very long, it introduced a lot of different types of magic. In each arc new magic is introduced, which makes it very interesting. The fact that it is so different among the individual person makes it at number 2 for that reason.


Number 1: Chaika: The Coffin Princess

One thing that I loved about this series is that magic was different compared to any other series that I saw. Magic, for starters powers nearly everything. The weapon Chaika uses requires the magic powered in order to work. At the same time a substitute for the magic to work is using one’s own memories. The memories are taken away and are random, so it is not a matter of picking as well. Really a lot of parts about this series that I found interesting where in the fantasy elements like Unicorns being man-eating monsters. There are plenty of other reasons that put it here at number one when it comes to magic. Just using Chaika’s weapon was just a small, yet amazing example of it.


Even though this Top Five was rather short, it goes back to being what was originally intended to be every other week series. Next time, February 13, Top Five Romance Series.