Day 2 Favorite Anime you have watched so far


Well, I think this goes without saying, but I put out a Top Five showcasing my favorite series. At number one it is Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail really is a series that made me want to watch more anime. This was probably the fifth series I watched over all, for whatever reason I was naturally drawn to it. Without it I really would not have been into anime as much as I would be today.

Mavis is in the Top Five female characters of all time

To me, in recent years, the Grand Magic Games Arc was so long, and since it had to stop half way through it, it was a little boring. At the end I was just so glad that the arc finished. Then this filler arc happened. I do not like this filler arc. The last one seemed rushed towards the end, but other than that was alright, not the greatest, but not the worst.

Now, since the Grand Magic Games Arc ended in the manga, which was when I started to read it. So, when I say I cannot wait for the Tartarus arc to happen this spring, I really cannot wait. If they stretch it out to give more time for the manga to move on, I do not care. This arc is one continuing battle, and I do not care if it goes on for a year. The Grand Magic games arc stopped the battles, which made it a little boring and made it feel like it was long, which was the main problem with it.

I just do not want Fairy Tail to end for a year again. After it ended for the first time there was a lot of anime I watched to fill the void, which again I have to be thankful for. I saw Date A Live, Attack on Titan, read the Akame ga Kill manga, since reading the Fairy Tail manga got me into more manga, and plenty others since I did not have my favorite anime to watch and went to reading the manga, which got me into a lot more manga. If it does end for a year again, there will probably be a lot more anime that I will watch, even though at this point I nearly watch everything that comes out each season for no reason.

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