Day 3 Favorite Male Character Ever

This one is rather tricky in all honesty. I really have to set my mind to it. Picking my favorite Female Character is rather hard too, seeing that I will want it different than the one I will be putting for Day 7. Thus I get a dilemma. I am not really sure who I would choose for my favorite male character. I narrowed it down to three. However, wanting to keep it only to one and after using a random number generator I decided on Shido Ituska from Date A Live. The other two in case anyone was wondering was Shiro from Fate Stay Night and Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill.

Shido is just one of my favorites. When thinking of this response he naturally came to mind. There are several reasons why I like his character. Sometimes it can be just his overall reaction to situations and the faces he makes. I mentioned this in the Date A Live review that I did. However other things that I rather enjoy are how much he changes throughout the series as a whole. Especially in a harem series the characters do not tend to change. Date A Live is different where the characters do change and have some sort of development in general.

It is a lot harder to find a normal picture of Shido then I thought it would be. So, the picture I used in the Date A Live review will do.

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