Day 5 An Anime You are Ashamed you Enjoyed

For this one there are two, and no matter how I look at it I have to talk about both of them, there is not stopping that. Also they are two totally different series in every aspect. The first being probably the better known of the two is Happiness Charge Precure. I will not deny that I liked the show. But after the Top Five Magical Girl series I put out needless to say I was very embarrassed when discussing it. That is the main reason why it is here. Also how I have to question why it was a series that I got to look forward to on a weekly basis. I looked forward to seeing it which is mostly why it is here.

precure logo

This was the only one I could find that was remotely appropriate.

Now from Magical Girl to Ecchi, so the other ends of the spectrum. Although I do not like the ecchi genre, although I could watch it more when I first got into anime, now I cannot. I personally do not like the ecchi genre. My tolerance for it is very high and cannot stand some series for it. Yet, my favorite series from it is probably up there in the questionable category if it should be considered something else with the amount of ecchi it is. I am talking about High School DXD.  I shut my brain off and watch it, it is the only way. I like the show for the story really. It is similar to me reading the magna Monster Musume in that sense as well, where I like it for the story, only in Monster Musume’s case I like some of the humor as well. Anyway back to High School DXD, the characters are different compared to most, which is interesting as well. I am more ashamed due to the fact that this show is what it is and although I do not like the ecchi genre I am ashamed that I like probably the biggest ecchi series. So let me just say that I cannot wait for season 3 this spring. I never thought the day would come when High School DXD and a Magical Girl series would be in the same post, what has come to this world. I would also like to note I want to re-watch this series before season three and I might do a review for it sometime in March.

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What is your anime you are ashamed that you enjoyed?