Day 7 Your Anime Crush


Saber from Fate Stay Night. Saber from Fate Zero. Saber just in general. Not sure where the obsession began, saber maidsince it was before I watched Unlimited Blade Works, and the last time I saw any of the series was nearly two years before I think, whenever the dub for Fate Zero came out that was when I watched the series. Anyway I think it was back when I was watching Carnival Phantasm, which was back in September area. I think that was what sparked it. You see a different side of Saber then one would be used to, that cuter side, with her in the lion costume, or as a maid, or just in general. In Unlimited Blade Works there was glasses Saber, Third Wheel Saber, and just everything in that season finally that made it so wonderful. I am sorry, right now, I love Saber.

saber lion

Okay, back to being serious and not creepy. So, yeah. If girls can get like that over glasses saberLevi from Attack on Titan, and no offence but if some guys can somehow get away with liking lolis then I think I am safe after that little bit above. At the same time I have no idea where this loving for Saber came from. Most of the time my preferences for favorite female characters share the major similarity, as in they all do, of purplish black hair. Saber is the only exception, and she always will be, that is until I realized Esdeath from Akame ga Kill is on that list too, but never mined that. I do not know if I have to say this, but my anime crush is Saber.

saber smiling

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