Day 8 Favorite Anime Couple

 bakemonogatari couple jpg

            This is one I had a problem with. This is more for actual couples versus characters that you want to be a couple like Levi and Gajeel from Fairy Tail or Alibaba and Kougyoku Ren from Magi (which was my choice for this), but I decided to go for an actual couple and rather who would I ship, which that second one I want to see happen just from what I saw in the manga, although I have not read it in awhile and only read to where season two ends.

Anyway without me being my usual self and rambling on for a bit like I sort of feel programmed to do after a countless number of essays for school, the couple is Araragi and Senjogahara. This is just how they act around each other. Although I have never been in a relationship I still like the type of relationship that they have. I might have watched the series, but the relationship is similar to how the two main characters act in my story that I want to publish, although watching this series happened after the two characters where like this.senjougahara

Again getting away from the rambling, the chemistry between the two is what I really like. Araragi is the goofy one and Senjogahara keeps him in line, although at times the opposite is true as well. I think the lack of this relationship being in Hanamonogatari is why I still have yet to finish it and find it hard to watch, that and I cannot watch more than one episode a day and hope they go back to a weekly format since the entire novel series was green lit to be animated. So yeah, they are my favorite couple.

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What is your favorite anime couple or who would you ship?