Day 9 Favorite Anime Villain


This is one that I find rather tricky. For me, I like villains that make several appearances. I like villains that are a major foil to the character. I do not like villains that just show up in the last episode and have the hero wipe that floor with them. This one is rather difficult since none really pop into my head immediately in an overall amount of anime that I have seen. So I decided to go with something that was more recent. For my favorite anime villain even I think I have to go with Judar from Magi. Although he might not be the main antagonist for the series, he does make a good roll for one. He is completely opposite to Aladdin which is why I like him. He is also the only one that really stands out. I am sure if I gave it more thought then there would be a villain that would stand out more, but Judar is still up there.

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Who is your favorite anime villain?