Day 10 Favorite Fighter Anime


I will admit I never saw this show in full. It is Dragon Ball Z. I only saw the Cell Games and half of the Majian Buu saga. I skipped the first two mostly because I saw Dragon Ball Z abridged so many times that I really did not feel like watching all of those episodes. At the same time it comes down to what I define as a fighter anime. I could consider Fairy Tail it, but since I used that on Day 2 I am not going to use it here. At the same time I do not have the nostalgia of growing up watching it like most people as I stated several times I was not allowed to watch it growing up. At the same time when I have the money, I want to get this series so I can watch it with no problems filler and all.


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What is your favorite fighter anime? (I nearly typed filler, silly me)