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Season 2 Review

I never thought I would watch this anime. However, I can say that pretty much too any show I watch on a whim. Really if you follow a reviewer you can find out shows that they like. Do the shows the like effect what reviews they put out? I would like to say no, considering my top ten is nothing but shows that I am clearly bias for and know they have a lot of flaws. Still, when you find out a show that someone likes and watch it just to see what the show is like, it can be a wonderful thing. I think that is just one thing reviewers can do unintentionally, they do not have to review the show, just say they like it and that can be good enough. At the same time you cannot since it would put reviewers out of a job. But anyway, without further distraction and back story here is the Love Live review.

The Plot

The series begins with Honoka finding out that her school will be closing down, due to the lack of students that come each year. Although she discovers this will not happen until she graduates, this means that the lower-classmen will not get any lower-classmen eventually leaving them alone. At the same time this was the school that her mother and grandmother graduated from and where she wants her little sister to graduate from as well. After trying to figure out ways to save the school she decides to form a school idol group, Muse, to raise awareness for the school to attract future students. Later it is discovered that there is a contest for school idols known as Love Live, which there group decides to enter in an attempt to save their school.

The Characters:

For starters there are nine main characters. I will only be discussing five. The three main and two that I rather enjoy, despite this being a review the character section is really the only place that one could be a little bias towards. The other characters will have pictures with their names.

Honoka Kosaka- She is the main character. She is a second year in high school. Honoka is the one that forms the group and really pushes forth the effort to help save the school. In a way she is the one that brings all the characters together as a leader, although an official leader of the group was never decided. She puts it at times that she can be a bit of an air head. The other girls in the group note that she is very cheerful as well as pushes herself a little too much, which can cause problems as times.


Kotori Minami- She is one of Honoka’s childhood friends. She has actually been her friend the longest out of everyone. She can have her heads in the clouds at times and cannot be as focused compared to some of the other characters. She is the one that designs all the costumes, and wishes to go into school for fashion. Besides making the costumes she also comes up with the choreography for the dances. Her mother also happens to be the chairwoman for the school they are trying to save.kotori

Umi Sonoda- Besides being one of my favorite characters in this series, which does not really affect anything, she is the other childhood friend to both Honoka and Kotori. At times she is very shy, very shy is an understatement at times when it comes to her meeting new members and going out to sing for the first time. Out of her friends she is the more level-headed and serious one as well as the one that looks at things more realistically and reminds Honoka of that while still being the one to follow and help keep Honoka in line to reach their goal.umi

Nozomi Tojo- She is the oldest out of all the characters, and is the student council vice president and a third year. Besides being the one that thought up the name for the group, although this was later revealed. She is in a way the spiritual leader of the group. She is a shrine priestess and can be seen monitoring Honoka and her friends as they train. She also believes, through tarot cards and other spiritual means, which the group is meant to, have nine as well as once it reaches nine it will finally be able to make a difference. She can also be very aggressive, at times that seems like an understatement.nozomipng

Maki Nishikino- She is a first year student. She is the one that comes up with the songs as she is a talented singer already. She also happens to play the piano. Due to being a singer she is a vocal couch to the members as well as being the one that writes songs. Although she really loves singing and playing the piano she knows that someday she has to inherit her parents hospital and become a doctor.


Everything Else

            As I already stated that this was one series going in, that I did not think I was going to watch. I even went in on my Magi review stating that I have seen a lot of reviewers talking about it. This series not so much. At the same time it is really starting to feel that I am the reviewer that reviews the shows that reviewers talk about, enough about that. This series, at least to me came off as a pleasant surprise. It can be very relaxing to watch. This series is not trying to be dramatic by any means, watching the first five minutes and you can easily tell that the drama is meant to be taken as a joke. I think the light heartedness of this series is where it shines the brightest. There is nothing that you can really hate about this show nor really like right away. It is one of those rare shows that not necessarily does everything perfect, but pulls off everything that it is trying to do well. It can really be the minor things that make this series, from the light heartedness to the fact that they are not trying to take themselves too seriously. Going in at just episode one you can really see that happening throughout the series as a whole. You can go in at episode one expecting that, but by the final episode get a little more then what you expected when drama really does get serious, in which case it does pull off well again.

Good and Bad Points

+ The overall light heartedness

+ Being able to pull off the drama towards the end

+ Sunrise doing a show that is not a Mecha or Gintama/comedy and finding out they have other idol based series apparently

+ All the Characters are different and develop over time

+ All Music that was sung was different, with one exception

– Nico Nico Nii

– The CGI popping in and out when they sang, it did not stick to one or the other

? The ending went in a bit of a different direction then it was building up to

This series is put into the Idol genre, if that is considered one, if that does not please you then Slice of Life.

Overall Score: 90/100 There is not many bad things I can think about this series. I stated it several times but the light heartedness is what really does this series justice and the fact that it is not trying to be serious in any way does as well. It really sets that up in episode one and sticks with that all the way through, which some series do not tend to do.

Since this series was found out by following another reviewer. I will suggest two series that I like that probably do not get as much attention that it deserves or you would not check out at first glance. One being Date A Live while the other being Selector Infected WIXXOS.


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