Day 11 Favorite Mecha Anime


I am going to go with the second mecha series I watched. Code Geass was the first, although it was good, the second season brought it down a little bit. The series that is my favorite is Buddy Complex.

For starters in fourteen episodes it tells a complete story that makes somewhat sense when it comes to dealing with time travel. I do wish that the two episodes that concluded the series was a second season, but it was still able to successfully give a proper conclusion to the story as a whole. I do not know why I like it or would label it as my favorite, but it is true. The winter 2014 season this was one of my most look forward to shows on a weekly basis, which is why it is my favorite. I do think they could have made it a longer series, but they did a good job with the fourteen. Anyway I am not sure what else to say here.

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What is your favorite Mecha series?

Although someone already recommended me where to start for Gundam, if anyone else has any recommendations check out Day 6.