Day 13 An Anime Character you are Most Similar Too

This one is rather difficult. There is one that sticks out in my mind since there are some similarities. At the same time there are other characters that are as well. For me how I tend to picture myself it is split into three different categories, sometimes they overlap. The first category is being an Otaku. If I cannot call myself an Otaku I do not know who would be considered one since I have seen over 200 hundred series which is just getting sad, but that is only because anime is addicting to the point I am currently watching 30 different series right now. There the second category would be writer. I write a lot in my spare time. I spend about two hours or so on my blog each day working on articles, about an hour each day for the story I want to publish and revamping the story as a whole, working on my two stories for deviantart and wattpad which is about another two hours, and I have not touched on my three English classes since I am an English major, at the same time I am used to four English classes each semester. Then there is my everyday life. I am introverted. I find it hard to talk to people, once I warm up I am bit, witty I guess would be a clean way of putting it. My family also does not know about me being into anime, which is a story for another day. Yet I do make a lot of random references to things here and there, most in which are not always anime related. So, taking into account for some things that I do, mostly my sense of humor and overall how I act once I warm up to people. I think Araragi from Bakemonogatari would fit me well. So, I am not a quasi-vampire, but I think it is safe to say we act a little similar and we have a similar taste in woman, namely Senjogahara, although I am not into lolis like he possible is and I have naturally wavy hair.


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Okay, so in fewer words then that what anime character do you think you are similar too? Also did you find it hard to find one?