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Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you are like me and never be in a relationship on that day well, I’m just going to stop there. Anyway there are those people that happen to be lucky and are actually in relationships, although it is really terrible and try to deal with those people on that day. Never mind that since I am counting down what shows I might end up watching tomorrow in order to forget that I am alone. With that messed up logic out of the way here are my Top Five Romance Anime series. I know there are some I want to put on the list, but I have not seen them, namely Clannad.


Number 5: Chobits

I am having trouble remembering when I watched Chobits. I think like sixty percent of what is on this list wasin my first year of watching anime, so it has been chobitsawhile. Chobits is different when it comes to romance series. Love has no boundaries between man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, as long as the age of consent is fine then love has no bounds. However unlike all the other series on this list, this one is odd. It is a love story between man and a robot named Chi. It really brings into question what defines love and how far would you go for it, also what is limited to being love or giving love. If you are a person that is heavily into romance anime, although I do not normally recommend series at random, this would be one series that I would strongly recommend.



Number 4: The World is Still Beautiful

            Well this series is back in the Top Five, did not see that happening any time soon. Anyway this one is again a the-world-is-still-beautifullittle different. Typical romance films and really anything does not really show a political marriage. If you have seen this series then you know that the reason the princess gets married is through a political marriage and throughout the course of the series the two main characters fall in love. Although the two were in a way forced together to begin with it seems somewhat fitting for what happens and how they genially fall for each other over time.  This is also the shortest series on this list, where the others have over 24 or more episodes.


Number 3: Toradora!

This is a series by Tuyuko Takemiya. The only reason why I bring up the person’s name is due to the fact thattoradora what is at number 2 is another one of their work. Anyway Toradora! was easily in the top fifteen anime series that I ever watched. Now I will admit that there are a few problems that I have with this series and the relationship. This is mostly because the relationship, although was building, did not actually happen until the very end. This series is more about the confession, which some romance series tend to have. It is just up to the confession and not much more happens after that, this shares the similarity with all of the ones on this list before it. Although I have not seen the dub, it is not really on my list to watch any time soon. However I still acknowledge the fact that I really did enjoy this series when I watched it all that time ago and is better than the ones that number 4 and 5.


Number 2: Golden Time

Now it is getting different. Although the series’ source material was by the same creator as Toradora! a clear Golden-Timedifference can be seen rather easily in this series. There may be a love triangle present throughout the series but it actually goes beyond the point of the confession and the two characters actually date and have real problems in order to maintain their relationship. At times this seems like actually problems a couple could have at times when wondering if there person they are with is the right person as well as going to what lengths in order to make sure that they are by each other’s side. This was one series that I really looked forward to each week as it was airing since I knew I could go in and enjoy and still question what could happen next if another problem where to arise.


Number 1: Ah My Goddess

Okay, so this series could be considered a Harem, but I do not count it as one for the main reason that there is a clear relationship between Belldandy and Keiichi and most of the other characters are either trying to ruin or help their relationship progress. For starters I have to say it is amazing that the manga lasted for 26 years. This was alsooh my goddess the second anime series that I have ever watched as well. Although I stopped mid-way through season one I quickly picked it up again nearly six months later and watched both season. I am not sure if I have stated but this series is in my top ten favorite anime series of all time. There is something about the charm, the purity. It is not trying to act flashy, be a drama, or even have fan service at times. It is basically just saying at what lengths you would go in order to make sure that special someone is happy and will always be by your side even if you are uncertain if they can always be by your side or if you are even capable of doing all the things you promised to them. What it does, it does right. I really wished it got more episodes when the manga was ending, but it did not, which was unfortunate.


So, that is the Top Five Romance series. Since this is about just a single relationship, the next Top Five will discuss what happens when the character just cannot make up their mind in Top Five Harem/Reverse Harem Anime.


What are your Top Five Romance series?

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