Day 14 Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you re-watched it


This one was simple and I did not need to think about it, Date A Live. For starters, there is no changing the fact that Date A Live will be in another one of the Days for this challenge, despite me not wanting to de repeats for some series. Anyway as of right now I watched the first season a lot. I watched it twice while it was airing. I watched it again when season two premiered. I watched season one dub once I bought the dvd over the summer. Tohka-Yatogami-tohka-yatogami-date-a-live-34807189-853-480Unfortunately I have not seen season two a second time. I would also like to say that now I have a set way of doing reviews. That probably for a one year anniversary I will re-review both seasons one and two in separate reviews since how I do reviews greatly changed the past two months. I did state in the review that this series never gets old. I can easily go in expecting the same event to happen and still end up balling my eyes out towards the end of episode 3, 12, and 1, 10 for season two and I am sure there are more. So despite me being very emotionally attached I think it is safe to say this is why it is my third favorite series.

Also Fairy Tail with over 200 episodes is kind of hard to re-watch and Index, although it is my second favorite, I would want to watch Railgun with it making it over 90 episodes long. So, unless, and I am still hoping that season three happens, I would re-watch at least Index. Date A Live has also been one of the few series that I have been able to successfully re-watch, Fairy Tail 1-50, A Certain Magical Index season 1, Code Geass, and Kamisama Kiss are about it, at least on the top of my head. There are plenty series I want to re-watch, it is just all the shows in my top ten are well over 50 episodes with the exception of 4 of them, since one is a movie series.

Also I am not sure you can tell but currently my picture for my profile is Tohka as a cat, and she looks adorable.

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Do you find it hard to re-watch series? Also what is your favorite series to re-watch?