Season 2 Review 

Wow, this is the first series I am reviewing that I actually watched on purpose since my second review. With the new season currently airing and the fact that I hardly remembered season one since I watched it nearly two years ago I decided to revisit this series. So far the new season has the charm that I remembered the first season had which made me like it to begin with. However sometimes watching a show you have not seen in a while can shed new light onto something old in this romantic comedy.

The Plot:

            Nanami’s father runs away leaving in order to avoid the debt left by his gambling. Due to this Nanami is evicted from her apartment. So during her time homeless she saves a stranger being attacked by a dog. The two engaged in a conversation, which ultimately ends with the stranger giving her a parting kiss on the forehead and instructions on where she could live. It turns out that the stranger was Mikage, the land god. With the kiss he bestowed upon Nanami his power making her the new land god. As the new land god and learning her duties as such the familiar of Mikage becomes her own. He is known as Tomoe. Now dealing with her land god duties and everything else, she finds she is falling for Tomoe as problems continue to arise.

The Characters:

Nanami Momozono: she is a seventeen year old high school student. nanamiHer father ran out on a debt leaving her to fend for herself. She becomes the new land god at the shrine. Over time she falls for Tomoe, although he insists that she should not fall for a yokai. She does gain some supernatural powers as becoming a land god, namely in talismans.


Tomoe: He is Nanami’s first familiar, a former fox Yokai. Despite being loyal to Mikage still he becomes Nanami’s familiar. He is loyal to Nanami although as previously stated he mentions that a human and yokai relationship should not happen. At the same time there are slight hints that he cares for Nanami although is uncertain how much he cares.

Mizuki: Originally a snake familiar of the Yonomori mizurishrine he was abandoning when his original master passed on. He was saved by Nanami in his snake form which later made him want to kidnap her and make her his bride. After some time passed he back Nanami’s second familiar.

Onikiri and Kotetsu: Both are two yokai that attend to the shrine and take care of it.


Shinjiro Kurama: He is a famous singer and is said to be a fallen angel, when in fact he isKurama just a crown tengu. At first he was trying to become the land god by making Nanami falling for him. When that failed and Nanami made sure Tomoe where not to punish him he gave up the pursuit and simply flirts with her time to time.

Everything Else:

When it came to watching this series a second time around, mostly because I forgot what happened and I remembered I enjoyed it. The only problem was that some of it did seem pretty forgetful. That was something I was able to acknowledge the second time around. There are not many memorable moments. Even one of Nanami’s friends I forgot completely due to the fact that she has yet to make an appearance in the second season, or for a scene for more than a few seconds. At the same time it kept the charm that it had and humor that I remembered it to have, even in the dub, which was the version I choose to watch for this review since it was easier. Although this has no effect on the review itself I did find it interesting that Akura Ou, a character showing up in the second season was in a small scene in episode 13, which I would have missed if not for the second season.

Bonus and Minus Points:

–  After finishing the series it is a little forgetful if one was to think about it (major minus points)

+ Good Character development can be clearly seen

+ Interesting plot (although I have not seen many reverse harems, there are not really any Harems on the top of my head that are like this. The series does tend to sway more Romantic comedy, even though there is a harem present)

+ Even without the second season it is still fine on its own

+ The humor (ex Mizuki playing the flute)

–  At times the series seems a little average with the only thing going for it is the light-hearted humor

? Some of the voices I wish were different in the dub (I do not want to take points away due to the fact I saw the sub first so naturally I would see the dub weird, mostly for Otohiko and Mizuki)

Final Score: 65/100 In the Romantic Comedy genre (I would like to note that although my other reviews are high 50 is considered average) This is mostly due to the fact that it is a little forgetful and is a little average with nothing really amazing happening in terms of drama on the romance aspects.

I will stand by, even though I gave it a low score, that I do enjoy this series. It might not be in the top fifteen or even twenty if I think about it, but I think what really makes me enjoy the series is that charm to it. I am sort of glad that I forgot the series. It made me remember why I enjoyed it in the first place and get to relive the charm all together. This had no affect on the score by the way.

This series is owned by Funimation, both the dub and the sub can be found on their website to view for free.

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