Day 18: A Crossover You Would Like to see


Alright for this one I know it already happened, it is Fairy Tail and Rave Master Crossover. It was just a single OVA. But since they are by the same creator I would love to see an anime only arc for Fairy Tail to bring the characters together again. I think it would be interesting if done correctly. Although I did not watch Rave Master, and I would like to just not dubbed, I still think it would be interesting. Both series are by the same creator, so that is one reason why I think it would be interesting, especially if he were to make the script or at least know what the story would be and approve of it.

But in all honesty since that first one already happened and I want to see more of it I would have to go with  Kara no Kyokai, Fate Stay Night and Tsukihime since they all exist in the same universe, even some characters are related in the different series, that would be the ultimate crossover, even though we got the comedic version with Carnival Phantasm.

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What is a Crossover that you would like to see that could only exist in fanfiction? But in all seriousness what do you think would be one that could be really possible.