Day 19 Most Epic Scene Ever

Thinking about this one is rather hard. I think it more depends on the series itself and not as a whole. I could say the scene in the host club arc for Gintama when that guy reveals that he was once a she and you would not think that. Personally I laughed so hard I could not stop for about five minutes and needed to pause the episode. But I do not think that would fit here for this case. When I think of an epic scene either it is a battle or something that completely blindsided you that you would not expect. Of course I am thinking of one in particular at this point, but I am saving that for a later date.


It is only know that I can think of it, would have to be Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners Move 5 Paradox Spiral when Toko Aozaki is fighting Soren Araya. If not that, then just the entirety of Kara no Kyokai series, that is the epic scene just that battle in general. In all honesty I would have to put Toko near the top for my favorite female characters simple for that battle.

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What do you think is the most epic scene ever?