Day 20 Anime Character that gets on your nerves.


This is from a fairly recent anime. Although I would like to start and say any chick with that hand over the mouth ha ha ha laugh gets on my nerves. Also Yuko Tachikawa from Parasyte due to the one episode where she thought she could change the boy that everyone was telling her was evil, but it is not her it is from another series. However instead of making so many female characters at once I am narrowing it down to a single series or Yoku from Parasyte it is from Cross Ange, which most people probably dropped after the first few episodes before it actually started to get good. I know there was someone else I wanted to put on this list, the only problem is that I forgot, probably for the better.

Anyway, it is Salia. She betrays everyone spoilers by the way, I give Chris and Ersha the benefit of the doubt for betraying everyone since they had a good reason. Salia was just power hungry and did not like people giving her power or not respecting her because she did not have enough power. I liked her in the early episodes, it is just in the second half it just went all downhill the more and more she wanted to be the center of attention and how she wanted power.

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What characters get on your nerves?