Day 22:  Favorite Weapon, Gear, or Armor used in an Anime

Again, this sort of falls into the category I am unsure of. So, when I think of this the series with the most weapons, gear, or armor that comes to mind is Akame ga Kill. At the same time Magi comes to mind. So, for this I will choose a weapon, Amon’s Sword from Magi, and an Armor, Incursio from Akame ga Kill. Now I proceed to talking about them both.

amon sword

Well, Amon’s dijinn equip for starters, just looks cool. At the same time itself just the normal sword is the main focus, both when it is normal and when it actually has the power. I am talking about the second vessel that Alibaba uses.


Incursio from Akame ga kill, do I need to say much about this, probably not. I like the overall design in the manga more, especially in the recent chapters where it reached a new stage and is more beast like, not like how in the anime where it grew wings. I really like just the overall design for it.

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