Day 24: The Moment that Shocked you the most in an Anime


            For starters major spoilers. I think people might know what I am doing for this, but it is from episode 23 from Akame ga Kill when Tatsumi died. I did not see that happening. As a fan of the manga I always think he is safe seeing that he is the main character, but it was that moment, even though I originally hated the original ending idea, like the series and putting it at number 9 for favorite series. It made me just love it, like how the manga made me love it with the fact that at any second one of the characters that was around is no longer there. So, now I get to struggle with saddest anime death for tomorrow, seeing that I cannot do this one.


So, good night, sweet prince. Good night.

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Try to refrain from spoilers, but just say the episode and the series. So what is the moment that shocked you the most?