Day 25: Saddest Anime Death


Again, do I need to say it spoilers.

This one I am having difficult time thinking about it. But I think I know. Originally I looked and read about Parasyte. So, I know what happens. Although at the time of writing this I have missed the last several episodes and like to imagine I did not see what I saw that was a spoiler, it was for another death in the series. I read about the parents and what happens to them. So I thought that was going to happen later in the series. But, I would have to give it to Shinichi’s mom, Nobuko Izumi. I knew it was going to happen, since Wikipedia is like that. I knew it was happening, just like Maes death in Full Metal Alchemist, yet it did not change the fact that I balled my eyes out.


Most ridiculous deaths go to the two characters in Death Parade episode 6.

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Stay away from spoilers, so just say the episode and the name of the series for what is the saddest death?