Day 27: Recommend one anime that most people have not seen


I do not really like recommending series. I have seen a lot of series. There are plenty that I could recommend. There are plenty that are bad, good, great, and anything and everything in between. The question is what series. Recommending a series really depends on a person’s preference. If they liked dark fantasy I would recommend Akame ga Kill. For just fantasy Magi. If it was a comedy, and rather reasonable then D-Frag, a person with a lot of time then Gintama and someone who likes dirty jokes then Seitokai Yakuindomo. However, it is not that simple.  So for this one I am going to say Selector Infected WIXXOS. It is 24 episode original series that is fairly good. Especially since part of the question was for something that people probably did not see. It felt like this series did not get a lot of attention.

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Alright, what is a series you would recommend to me? Also what genre do you like and I can recommend a series to you.