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Sometimes love is odd. Sometimes instead of having one person that likes you multiple people do.  The idea to me is odd, mostly because the thought of more the one person liking me has never happened, let alone one person liking me has never happened so if more than one person was to like me my head would explode. Granted this is mostly my fault due to the fact I am a naturally shy person and have it a very hard time to trust people. But anyway, to change things up for this TOP FIVE  I will not be putting Date A Live on this list, since it would automatically be at the number one spot which would be obvious, as well as not limiting this to anime but manga as well.


Number 5: Love Hina

One of my favorite manga artist is Ken Akamatsu. Although I never read the love-hinamanga for Love Hina, once I mind a means to get the manga for this series, I am getting it. One of the two stores that carries manga only has the  first 12 volumes of the 14 that there are, and they are used so the likely hold of them getting the last two are nothing.  I have been reading UQ Holder and been getting the manga as well as the Omnibus addition of Negima, I am just waiting to get volume 2 for that.

However enough about that. The anime I really enjoy. I always find it a little hard to watch older series, specifically from the early 2000s and before that. Love Hina was one of them I did not have a problem with. I really liked it, it was funny, and in all honest this is the only harem lead that is out of high school besides two others on the top of my head.  Anyway I just like Love Hina, I think I will just stop at there. Some of it comes from my own personal enjoyment, another comes from the fact that it is by one of my favorite manga artists.


Number 4: Monster Musume (Manga)

Monster Musume is a surprisingly popular manga. For starters it gets on the best sellers list every time a newmonster-musume volume comes out in English. It is popular in Japan. There also have been rumors of an anime. This series is different compared to most, because the monsters that are used in the harem are ones that one would not think about putting it. At the same time the series is very funny and focuses more on comedic and goes the whole generic harem thing really good and intentionally to the point where it makes fun of it regularly. This was a manga for starters that I was surprised that was released in US, I own the first 5 volumes that are currently out. This series is a guilty pleasure for me. The character for this one is another one of the characters on the top of my head that is out of high school. Anyway, although I do not like ecchi, and after this list people are probably going to be skeptical, if you are into ecchi I suggest checking out the manga.  It is a fairly funny series and I knew I can go and read and be entertained, which is one reason why I like this series.


Number 3: Trinity Seven (Manga over the Anime)

I have stated before that I do like the manga over the anime for this series. To me the anime felt too rushed. At the same time it does not change the fact I like this series. The other manga that could have been on the list is background 2Bryhildr in the Darkness, which anime was supper rushed shoving 100 chapters in such a short length.  Anyway, this series is funny. I managed to read the 40 chapters that were out at the time prior to the start of the series, within 2 days, much like Akame ga Kill. This series is actually in my top five favorite manga. When it gets released later this year I am planning on picking it up.  The characters are all really different, most in which I like how about half of them play along with all the innuendos and are not bothered by it in the slightest, which is one reason why it is on this list.


Number 2: High School DXD

It really feels like I talked about this series too much, but I am planning doing a review for all 3 season come High_School_DxDthis summer. So, I might as well get to the point that this is my biggest guilty pleasure. I like it for the story. Take away all the fan service, and the plot is actually good. Although I do not like the absurd amount of fan service in the series, somehow it feels like it fits with the series in some ways. It is sort of hard to explain my thoughts on this series, mostly because the last time I saw it was when season 2 aired. In all honesty all the girls are worse than the guy. At the same time he can be a little worse than them. It is just amazing what happens. The interaction between characters is one good thing that the series has for it. Characters are important, and how they interact with one another can make a huge difference. Anyway, I do not have much more to say, so it is at number 2.


Number 1: Date A Live Rosario + Vampire (MANGA)

Although it pains me not to put the obvious choice of Date A Live here, I chose this series instead. So, when you see this you are thinking, okay? The manga and anime are two different things. If you read the manga and Rosario Vampire Mangacoverwatched the anime you know what I mean. If you think you liked the anime and have not read the manga, read the manga and hate the anime. After reading the manga about half way through my thoughts where rather simple, “WHY DID THEY NOT MAKE THIS INTO AN ANIME!”  The manga is immensely different. For starters the main character is amazing, the characters are just better in general. The story is entertaining, very dramatic and dark. The anime cranked the ecchi-ness to over 9000, while getting rid of everything but a few events in the manga. I could do a rant about this. I will not because I would be here all day. The manga is just so much better. As I said before if you read the manga you know what I am talking about. I read the manga almost two years after watching the series, and I can still say that I was just so frustrated after reading the manga on how the anime did not adapt it. If the manga was adapted faithfully, this series would have been in my top five anime. But it did not, thus I am here talking about the manga. The series is completed, and I do want to buy it, my only problem is my lack of funds, most in which go to other series I want to get more. This series is at number 7, although it was higher until I got into other manga.


So, besides ending in a rant this time, and complaining about my relationship status, next time I will discuss my TOP FIVE Favorite Manga.

What harem series do you enjoy? I have not seen many reverse harem, so that was why none where on the list.