Day 29: An anime you wished was real

pokemon 150
Back in my day there was only 151.


Pokemon, that is an easy one. You can do just about anything. Also, there are two others, either Magi or Fairy Tail, because I can use magic, and other series as well. But anyway, back to the original answer. Pokemon, is something I always wished was real when I was little. I have mentioned, at least I think I mentioned, I still play the games, that is when the main game comes out and it is the only reason why I still buy a new portable Nintendo system. I mean why you would not want it real I would need to question it. This is not basing it off the games, where only the main character saves the day, but the anime, where seemingly everyone is better than the main character, then again he has immortality, so he wins this round.


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What anime you wished was real? If you agree with me, what would your starter be, mine would be Cindaquil or Treecko or Charmander.