Day 30: An anime you wish never ended and continued on


Well, day thirty is finally here! Before I answer this I have to say this was a lot of fun. I am glad I did this. Although I forget where I found the original idea, and more than likely I found it typing up 12 day anime challenge and finding this one instead, since the other one deals with Christmas, but anyway I had a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed.


So without further ado, my response for this one is very is it is A Certain Magical Index Oh My Goddess. The series completed its 26 year continuous run last year for the manga. The anime ended back in 2006. So, needless to say there is a lot that they could do for the anime. I really like this series, and I would love to see more. I watched the OVAs that came out back in 2011 and I really liked them, only down side is that they are not licensed. I also want to belldandyread the manga, the only problem is that the one, Barnes and Nobles does not carry it, and the comic store that does have used copies of it only has volume 20 and up to the newest volume. However it was announced, although it has not been stated when, that the manga will be rereleased in Omnibus editions, so hopefully the comic store will have those since they carry the latest volumes. In a way it got my hopes up for a third season, like how Index movie, the major announcement that turned into the anime adaptation for Heavy Object and so much more that did not give it a third season. So yeah, the anime I want to continue on and did not end is A Certain Magical Index Oh My Goddess.


So, again, I hope you enjoyed the last 30 days, I know I did.

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What is an anime you did not want to end but did? Also would it be possible for another season for that show?

Also did you take part in this challenge or are thinking about doing it? Please tell me I want to check it out.