Liebster Award Nomination 3: With a Vengeance

Here is the first and second.


Well, here I am again. Even though I did not nominate people, last time, it did not stop the people that I originally nominated from nominating people who nominate me, since three other people that I originally nominated came out with this. So, it has not even been a week, and although I do not mind doing this for a fourth time in two weeks, it will be the same as last time where I just answer the questions. I would nominate people, but at this point it will be here till next year without nominating people. It is also at the point where I am contemplating to open a page specifically for this award.

On another note feel free to nominate me, although I will probably only answer the questions unless it is like six months from now. Anyway, I am going to take the rest of this nomination serious, at least to the best of my ability there are no promises on that one.

So, thank you Ramen Soup Reviews, who clearly done this on purpose and I applaud you for this, and now it is time to answer some questions before I get nominated again.

  1. Why do you choose to blog about (your blog’s subject matter)?

I mostly chose to blog about anime, manga, and comics since I have no one to really talk about it with in real life. I tried joining the anime club, well that was almost 2 years ago, and a majority of the members were just casuals, so I could not hold a proper conversation to save my life. I could bring up one anime, and no one would know what I am talking about as if I was speaking another language to people. Also with the fact I am a naturally shy person and the club being surprisingly large made it more difficult to get to know people. At the same time since it ran so late, being a commuter, and having the anime and manga hobby a secret, trying to tell my parents I went to Animation Club and ad-libbing the rest was not doing it for me. In fact it even made it harder to tell my parents, specifically my mom since I know my dad would not care, about being into anime with some of the comments my mom made talking about if they were ever to show anime. It was mostly due to the first one reason on too many casual fans. At the same time, I have seen countless number of reviews give insight, so I wanted to give it a try myself.

  1. Do you see yourself blogging 10 years from now? Why or why not? (Hurrah! A two-part question!)

To be honest, I do not know. This blog heavy relies on the fact that I am into anime. At the same time I really want to get my book publish. If I get my book publish, that is going to take priority over everything. At the same time I find it hard to work a 40 hour job in the summer and work on my novel. So, I mean if I have to work a 40 hour job, and be a published writer, that is if it is not somehow a miracle and is a best seller making me rich to the point where I do not have to work a 40 hour job just to make a living, then I do not think I can juggle doing all three. If I had a part time job and was making enough being published, then yes I will continue. I will be out of college next year. So, even then I do not know. But, if I had to say, I could probably be around for at least five years, if anything, there will be less posts as time goes on, but I want to stay for as long as I feel like staying.

  1. What do you like most about blogging?

What I like most is rather simple, the community, and having an actual means to talk about anime and have people actually being able to understand exactly it is that I am saying. Even if a post does not get many views, although that has been changing, I still have fun writing the post and trying to get my thoughts out and seeing that other people agree with me and talk about people who give me some insight on series to watch or input, specifically in the Top Fives I do every other week. I also got a lot of conversations going thanks to the 30 Day Anime challenge as well.

  1. What do you dislike most about blogging?

I think the thing I dislike most is accidentally hitting the unfollow button on my own blog, since I then get an e-mail notifying me that I started to follow my blog, granted this has not happened in two months, but it has happened about three times now. I have only been on for almost three months now, so if I was on longer I might know what I do not like, but that is about it.

  1. Do you share your blog on social media?

Although I did say I keep it a secret. My twitter has no connection to any family member. At the same time I do have it set to post on Twitter for when a new post comes out. It is the same way for my story on Deviantart and Wattpad as well. To find my Twitter, it is on the sidebar under My Stuff or right here. I do have a follow me I follow you policy, for about 90% of the time. On twitter, blogs that I follow that also follow me are, Nick from Animecorps, Anime Vios, and Anime Ataraxia. If you are an anime blogger, more than likely I will follow you if you follow me, I would not have a reason not to plus it is kind of fun to just say random things to one another and talk in that way as well. I was also thinking of starting an page, since I noticed a lot of bloggers use that and I think that would be fun. (It will probably be out in a few days on the sidebar(Although I then later decided to wait a while longer till I have more viewers and followers on twitter))

  1. Do you blog for a living, personal enjoyment, or both?

I do not really do it for a living, I am not being paid, but if I was I think that would be awesome. I do it for personal enjoyment. Even if I was doing this for a living, then it would be both but still for more personal enjoyment.  Since I do not know how to do this for a living, I cannot do it as that.

  1. Would you ever consider blogging for a living? Why or why not? (Another two-part question!)

I would do it, which is if I knew how. This comes down to two reasons. For starters I am a college student majoring in Professional Writing. This is already being used as a means to get me working in a different form of writing and more technical I would guess. So, I would have a means to get paid for something I enjoy rather than working in a factory for forty hour weeks like I have done in the past for summer, which might end up happening if I graduate and struggle to find a job, since I get the job at the factory since my dad is a supervisor there. I have had zero luck getting a job other than that, which gets to my second point. I think it would look good on a resume, seeing this is something that fits into the field in which I am working it. It is also a good way to promote myself as well even more so since it would sort of mean that I am doing something right if I am being paid to do it.

  1. What’s your favorite blog that you follow? (If there’s more than one, list them and say why you like each one.)

I do not really like to play favorites, in this case. At the same time I have only been blogging for three months now, so I have only been reading blogs for that time as well. I know it sort of dodges the question, so I guess I will go with ones that I enjoy, and tend to check out their content for various reasons, most in which is the fact the post several times a week and it is easier to see them, where other blogs that I follow have not posted in a month or two.

Animecorps –Nick and the others that post there, most of the show I watch they are watching, and I tend to comment about it. I also got some tips from Nick as well that helped grow my blog.

Viewer Discretion is Advise- Again, this is more dealing with the content than with shows I watched. It is always interesting to see,

There are more, but really, if I comment on your blog, it is fairly certain I go their regularly, even if I liked a post, it just means I could not think of anything to say. If that was the case then there are several more blogs that should be on the list, those where just two that came to my mind immediately that I could think of.

  1. Has your experience with the blogging community been mostly positive or negative?

I cannot think of anything negative in the community. Sure, there is some where I just do not agree with their opinion, but it is far and very and I mean very few that is more just post related. At the same time, I mean the anime community can be a little small at times. I get occasional good feedback. I also tend to respond to people that comment on my stuff in some way or another making no comment go  un-responded if I can. What I like is that specifically the anime blogging community can be really helpful I guess, and really connected. I mean I am from Massachusetts, I have followed blogs from UK, Canada, and I get viewers from all over the world. Yet, we can just get along so easily since we share something in common. So, yeah it has been positive.

  1. What are your top three goals for your blog?

This one is a little difficult. I mainly did this to have fun so I did not really have any goals for it. I have had fun these past few months. I have finally found a means to talk to people about anime and have conversations about it, and actually have them understand what exactly it is that I am saying when it comes to anime. So, it is not really a goal, it is more of an idea for what I have and one goal.

Like I said my experience with this blogging thing has been positive. In some cases I got an idea to watch certain anime because one blogger enjoyed it, namely Nick from Animecorps with Love Live and I checked it out. What I was thinking is something a little different, yet kind of simple that I want to at least try at some point. I watch a show that someone likes that I have not watched and write my thoughts about it. It is not a review or anything. They write about why they like that show and explain some things. Or the reverse happens, where they watch a show I like that they have not watched. I post my thoughts on their blog and they post their thoughts on my blog. Each post would then say the writer, as well as direct them to the post by that individual person. It is sort of an exchange of ideas rather then links. At the same time it would promote each other’s blog and a show we like with our own personal writing style. I think at least trying to do some sort of collaboration work like that would be rather interesting to do. However too much comes into play, finding time to watch the show, writing about it, and then posting the two things at least on the same day. At the same time finding someone that would agree to that could be difficult. It is not impossible it is just a matter of finding someone willing to do that.

So really my only goal that I can think of right now is to try to do what I just explained. Other than that it would probably to try to get more comic related work out, since I will be doing a lot of manga reviews in the next month or so. For comic posts I got the Secret Wars Announcement Discussion, and possibly a Spider Verse Review or Discussion coming out.

11. What have you learned from blogging?

As I already stated, I have been only blogging for three months now. I will say that I did learn more about the anime community. So far my real life experiences dealing with other anime fans consist of the casuals that I dealt with at the anime club that did not understand me. I only went twice to that club. So, really I learned more about the community seeing that the people that I have had conversations with I am able to actually have a conversation with that they understand and we can talk about a show that aired just an hour ago and we would understand what we are saying. I think I learned more about that then anything. I am sure if I gave it more thought I could think of several things.

So, thanks again Ramen Soup Reviews for nominating me on purpose. I did have a lot of fun. I know also saying this will probably be true, but see you either in a few days or next week when I get nominated again after it goes full circle where I will answer more questions.