So, by the title of this post it is probably obvious this is a challenge. This Spring Break is different compared to the last few for me. For starters I have a blog, that one is obvious, the other being that I have two projects due the last day of spring break, two the day I get back, and the following Wednesday I have an essay and a midterm. So, my week is busy. So, why not make a challenge of it?

Now, I will say there will be two more posts for this challenge, a check in on my progress as well as a final result.

I have several shows that I want to watch, I also have two days when no one is home where I can read manga for the reviews this month, seeing that anime is a secret for me finding time to read manga is only for when I am home alone. Plus I may get to go and pick up the manga the comic book store ordered for me if they come in. Anyway, projects that I need to get done will not be on here for school. The anime will be. I will also say what episode I am on in some cases as well as the importance as well as number of episodes in general if I have not started.


Watch/ Read for Reviews

Expect me to talk about this.

Love Live Season 2 ep 2/12 (High)

Akame ga Kill Vol 1 (High)

Attack on Titan Vol 1 (High)

Fairy Tail Vol 1 (High)

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 25 (Low might put review off till summer)


Shows that Continue or have Sequel in Spring Season

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho A’s ep 12 (Need to watch before I get to Strikers)

Priority: High

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho Strikers ep 26 (Need to watch before ViVid comes out)

Priority: High

Gintama ep 88/265 (Will watch new season regardless)

Priority: I do not care, I will finish it whenever

Nisekoi ep 10/20 (It was an unintentional drop, but I want to finish it)

Priority: Low

Shows that are ongoing that I need to catch up

Adanoah Zero Second Cour ep 2/12 (Love watching it in bulk)

Priority: High

Your Lie in April ep 15/22 (Love watching it in bulk)

Priority: High

Log Horizon ep 12/25 (Love watching it in bulk)

Priority: High

Yurikuma ep 6/12

Priority: High

Yatterman Night ep 5/12

Priority: High

Yona of the Dawn ep 17/25

Priority: Very High

The Testament to the Sister New Devil ep 5/12 (More than likely drop, see same problems as other creators source material work which I hated this is slightly better though may continue)

Priority: Low

So, yeah, I have a lot on my plate this week that I need to get done for school work. So, finding time to watch the shows and get everything else done will be tricky. I think for some series I could catch up if I focus on them on one day a week. That would be my best shot at watching them and marathon them all. At the same time I have two more posts coming out next week, besides the follow up on where I am for this (Wednesday), as well as my stories for Deviantart. So, it should be interesting what happens.