I am doing this discussion for two reasons. The first being the fact I never played it before. The second being I am hoping this will speed up my playing of it since I have stopped and got hooked on playing Team Fortress 2. Plus, since I do not know what apparently is known as the biggest spoiler of all time in this game, I can tell someone will say something if one were to comment.

I got the game on a Steam sale and it was only like five dollars, and well worth it in my opinion. Now I never played a Final Fantasy game before. The only thing that comes remotely close is Braverly Default, which next to Pokémon, Fire Emblem, and Super Smash Bros, is easily my favorite game for my 3DS, granted half my games are Pokémon, but that does not mean much in this conversation.

So, I think I just want to talk about my thoughts for the game, what I am struggling with, and where I am now. For starters I have no way in knowing where exactly I am right now, in terms of progressing. I do not know if I am at the half way point, or what.

From last I checked Cloud and company have just made it to Cloud’s hometown. I remember I did the quest to get the vampire character guy, and now I needed to head to the mountains. That was where I left off playing. If anyone knows exactly at what point of the game it is, that would be good. The team is at level thirty, so I do not know if that is under leveled or not as well if that will be a problem.

Enough about that, now I am going to talk about my thoughts. Just looking at it, I can see why this is seen as a classic and why this franchise is amazing simply from this game alone. I recently saw the preview for Final Fantasy XV, and it looks awesome, I just wish I had a PS4. Anyway I find it weird how it sort of is starting to mimic our own world in a sense. This was before Global Warming was being considered and yet this game clearly talks about climate change and pollution. I think that is really interesting for a fantasy based game to discuss this kind of topic. It is something you do not see every day.

FFVII Characters

Alright, I would like to add at this point, that ironically enough, like the game, I stopped working on this post. According to the last time it was saved, that was back in January on the 16th. So, yeah, today working on it again it is March 8th. Since typing the first part up, I still have yet to go back to the game, partially due to TF2, only to switch to Fantasy Life, only to go back to Minecraft and Fantasy Life (Which I finished by the way). I would also like to add this is why I am never going to do game reviews here since it takes a long time to beat them. I think when I started this post I did not beat Fire Emblem, well I have now so, that is a thing. Games can sometimes take me awhile if I enjoy them I can take a long time, Fantasy Life, although I really liked it the game is more based off quests and the only way to get more is by doing the story. It is the same way when it comes to reading novels as well, Sword Art Online Volume 1 took me almost four months, granted a Date a Life volume only took me a week. It really just depends on my free time.

My thoughts about what I have gotten through so far other than the previously mentioned information goes as follows, I do enjoy the game, and it is fun. I wish I had a better computer so I could play the more recent entries in the series. Although my computer was made in 2011, I cannot even play GTA 4, which came out in 2007. The graphics card is what is holding me back. I hope when I actually get out of college and get a good job that I can turn the laptop I am currently using solely for work, and get a desktop which I can use for games. As a side note I cannot wait until Braverly Second comes out, even though it is not a Final Fantasy game it is still by the same company it is a spin off in a sense to another Final Fantasy game.

Alright, well, I would like to add, since I have no idea what else I am going to say here other than that, just please does not spoil the game. Lastly, if you have any suggestions on what I could do to continue playing the game in some way or another until I beat it that would be appreciated. I also do not know if I will do a second part to when I beat the game. I might just edit this later to say when I finally beat the game.