So, it is the mid-week update for my Spring Break Challenge. My school projects, well one is a lot easier in one aspect, and I thought that was going to be the hardest part. That does not change the fact I still have three others that are due in a few days. At the same time, mostly because it is Spring Break, I find it hard to work on my two stories for Deviantart, and both were moved to getting new chapters next week so I can make sure that they are finished properly. My brother also became sick, so the time when I would have watched a lot of Gintama episodes when I have alone time at home, well did not happen since he was home. I like watching it on the big television. So, besides a lot of things not going my way and some being a pleasant surprise, here is where I am currently at.



Watch/ Read for Reviews

Love Live Season 2 ep 6/12 (High) Hopefully the review will be out sometime in the next two weeks.


Akame ga Kill Vol 1 (Reading as this is coming out and working on the review later tonight) The review will be out the 16th


Attack on Titan Vol 1 (Finished reading and working on the review tonight) The review will be out the 23th


Fairy Tail Vol 1 (Finished reading and working on the review tonight) The review will be out the 30st


Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 25 Have yet to start yet, again the review will probably be moved to the summer.


High School DXD Season 1 & 2 (These reviews will come out in the summer, and although I would like to start it before season 3 airs, more than likely I will watch all three simultaneously, which is my original plan.)


Shows that Continue or have Sequel in Spring Season


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho A’s ep 9/12

Priority: High


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho Strikers ep 26 (Have yet to start)

Priority: High


Gintama ep 91/265 (Will watch new season regardless)

Priority: I do not care, I will finish it whenever


Nisekoi ep 10/20 (It was an unintentional drop, but I want to finish it someday)

Priority: Low



Shows that are ongoing that I need to catch up


Adanoah Zero Second Cour ep 2/12 (Hopefully on Sunday)

Priority: High


Your Lie in April ep 15/22 (More than likely will start on Thursday)

Priority: High


Log Horizon ep 12/25 (Saturday, if not then later since I love watching this show in with more than 4 episodes and I might just binge watch it all the day of the final episode, or split it in half the week before the final)

Priority: High/Low/Whatever at this point


Yurikuma ep 7/12 (Slowly but surely) Only 9 episodes are out

Priority: Medium


Yatterman Night ep 5/12 This is one of my favorites this season and I do not want to make it an unintentional drop like Tokyo Ghoul was.

Priority: High


Yona of the Dawn ep 17/25 (Going back to school screwed me up since I watch it Wednesday morning, and I do not have that time for it anymore since my class is early)

Priority: Very High


The Testament to the Sister New Devil ep 5/12 (More than likely drop, see same problems as other creators source material work which I hated this is slightly better though may continue)

Priority: Low/Potential of Dropping it


So, besides a few status changes for the series, there is not much for me to say here. Really my school work is the biggest challenge, as well as me playing Minecraft and Pokémon, that get in the way of watching more shows. So, with that said, if I come close to my goal, I will be happy. The next part will be out on Monday, the day Spring Break is over.