Date A Live Theory Case #0001 Where does Shido’s Power Come from?



I would like to say that I find Date A Live, for starters interesting. At times it is a little weird. This is not a review, and is more for people who have seen the series. I find this series rather odd compared to almost all anime for several reasons. The first being is the plot (Ha harem having a plot joke). What I mean by this is that there is a lot in this series that you do not normally see. Time is relevant, although it is less pointed out in the anime. Each novel a month pasts, or it turns into a new month, such as the case with Volume 8 and 9. So, time is important in this series in some way. Then there is my second point, where there is a really mystery on why some things are the way that there are. I do not see many series like this, where there is an over arcing mystery person, in this case Phantom. The only thing I can really can compare the mystery potion with the over arcing story is something that is more western. Anime tends to be closed off into story arcs, with some sort of story in the background of things. There are not many series where little bit of information is revealed over time, normally it is just in that story arc and it affects the next. I say that it feels more western is sort of with case dramas where the main character is trying to find a clue and over the seasons although there are other cases, there are some that relate to the main one. Date a Live is interesting and there are plenty of mysteries that fans can only speculate at. So, here are some of my theories and speculations for this particular series of posts that I will do time to time.

The Question:

Well, with that title being where Shido’s power comes from, hopefully it is a little obvious that is the focus here. What I mean by this is, I will be giving a brief explanation, before diving into some theories on where they come from



            So, more than likely you have seen this series and enjoy it and are a little curious, otherwise I would be uncertain why you are here. If you like my content, than thanks for checking this post out seeing it is the first of its kind

-Anyway, it should be known at Shido has the ability to seal Spirits. This was known since the beginning and he had the power to seal Kotori’s Spirit power nearly five years before the start of the series. So, he already had it.

-His powers to seal the Spirit do not end there. It has been known that he gains some of the abilities after that kiss. He was able to heal since the beginning due to sealing Kotori’s power. He later demonstrates in Volume 7 and the final 2 episodes on season 2 that he can also use Tohka’s and Yoshino’s abilities as well.

-There is also Shido’s younger sister Mana, who has been known to have a high ability rate before the experiments that were done to her.Date-a-live kiss

-It was also said in Season 2 that Kotori was to kill Shido if he were to manifest an Angel.

-These facts are important since it has a lot to do with a main point in all the theories.


Theory 1: Shido is a Spirit

Shido is a Spirit, specifically a male spirit or at least half a spirit. If he was a full spirit, it would more than likely make Mana a full spirit as well, but she has no major power. So, this is more than likely half Spirit.

I have had this theory since season one. So, to put it simply, Shido would be considered a second generation spirit. His mother more than likely being the First Spirit. (I am going to talk about who Shido’s mother might be in a few more of these Theories). If she is not the first Spirit, more than likely she is a Spirit nevertheless.

Since as of right now it was known that there has been no male Spirits, it is unknown exactly what they are like and what powers they could possess. Am I saying that all Male Spirits have the ability to seal the powers of a female spirit, no; I am not, just that it could be.

Since he would be considered a Half Spirit, he probably takes on some things that his father is or maybe it is because he is a half spirit he has some sort of ability. That would at least explain where it comes from.

Most of the points I made earlier relate to this one as well, especially if Shido was to manifest an Angel that would more than likely confirm he is a Spirit, and I am referring to Angel in the sense it is not one for one of the Spirits that he has kissed but his own natural one.14 - 1


Explaining Theory Number 1:

            This idea that Shido’s powers come from the fact his mother is a Spirit, although this is heavily relying on the fact that Phantom is either his mother or knows his mother. If Phantom knew that Shido was a half Spirit, then it would explain why Kotori was given the ability she had. There is also the fact that it was to heal as well which was the dominate ability. Phantom does not want Shido hurt, since that ability basically gives him some sort of instant health potion or a revive.


Theory 2: Phantom did it

This one has little more holes in it than the other.  This is the fact Phantom gave Shido the ability. It has been said that Kotori, Miku, as well as Origami were turned into Spirits after something was given to them by Phantom. It should be no different in this case and Phantom gave Shido the power. Now, why is that, I do not know. But it is also for a theory for another day dealing with Phantom’s identity. At the same time, this one does not really have any evidence, and is fairly self-explanatory seeing we have no information of before that event in Shido’s life.


Wrapping it up:

I think it is safe to say Theory Number One is a more than likely out of the two. I mean for all I could know he is not half Spirit and for whatever reason. There is a little more proof and evidence hinted at it at the same time. There is more evidence that this is likely found in the work.


So, that concludes this theory. I hope you enjoyed since, I will hopefully do more of these. As well as I was curious, if you think this is right? Do you have theories of your own that I should do? Also is there a series you have a theory for that you would like to see me do?


Since this is the first one, much like my reviews, this is probably not going to be the set way of doing things for this and it is highly potential way on how I might do it. By the third or fourth Theory I might have a better way of doing this. I am open to suggestions for the format or if you liked this format.