I would like to start off before I begin and say that I am still trying to figure out how I should handle the first impressions on a seasonal basis. I am thinking of doing normal first impressions for series that I begin, but this will be completely different. This is also so much more different from the winter season and the summer season I might do it differently as well. I am doing this in several parts. This one is my thoughts before the show. Then after the first episode, and lately after episode six where I will talk about if I am still watching it or not. I am uncertain if I will put them individual parts, I think I will, although I will not know until the first episode. I am also open to suggestions on how to go about with this.

So, for starters I watch a lot of anime, who would have thought (check the list at the bottom). So much that I do not really feel like talking about each and every one at the start of the season. So, I am going to talk about five of them. The five I chose will be ones that fit this criteria. One, I could have not read the source material prior to the first episode. Two it cannot be a second or sequel/spinoff or have any connect to another work. Three I cannot be doing this for a weekly review. After the five I will talk about the show I would like to do a weekly review for and my thoughts on it. I will also put the list of all the shows I would like to check out this season as well.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? Aka Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Mavhigatte Iru Iru Darou ka? (That is so much easier to type in English)

So, from what I know about this series is that one, the light novels are at the book store and I have to keep telling myself to wait for the anime so if I want to read it I will buy it if the anime is good. It is a harem, comedy, fantasy, so typical show that I would watch. The synopsis seems interesting and from some of the previews it looks like it should be good. It is by JC Staff, and they tend to put out fairly decent series. So, I could easily picture myself watching this all the way through regardless. I will admit, although I am already breaking one of the rules, I did read the first 4 pages of the manga that I found online, but I did not go beyond that mostly because it was late and I wanted to go to bed. It does look funny though and interesting from the four pages I read.


Kyoukai no Rinne also known as Rin-ne in English

This series I have rather high hopes for. Although I never really finished the series, I did watch a lot of it and was so close to finishing it to the point where I just read what happens, InuYasha. The manga is by the same person. I really did like that series, and they did a wonderful job with the fantasy elements. From what I have heard what it is about, although I do not know if there are any previews out there, I do think this series will be rather good and entertaining. This one is also confirmed to have 25 episodes, so at least I will have something to watch throughout all the summer.


Plastic Memories

I have only seen one preview for this series. I am unsure what it really is about too. That is as much as I could get from watching a single preview. The synopsis is that it takes place in the future where androids look similar to humans. There is a new model coming out that has emotions and more human-like-qualities compared to the rest. There is some problem and someone has to go and fix it to make a long story short. I really did not get too much out of the preview in terms of plot, since this is an original series. At the same time, I knew it had some sort of connection to some writers, the one that wrote Stiens;Gate they are the person who thought of this idea so I kind of feel like this series will be good.

plastic memories

Shokugeki no Souma

I know this series has a manga out and is about cooking. Well I, for whatever reason, want to check out the manga. At the same time I really do not feel like checking out the manga. I am not really sure what people think of the manga, so it is not like I can go off the basis if the manga is any good or not. The art just from some of the previews looks amazing. I want to just check it out to get a better idea what this is about. I am also curious how they are going to do this since it is based on of a weekly running cooking manga. More than likely it will have twelve episodes, any more would surprise me.

food showGunslinger Stratos: The Animation

I would like to say that I think this is based on a game, do not quote me on this one. Alright, I am actually going to stop typing this and go look. Yeah, it is based off of a game. Anyway, now knowing that knowledge I have less confidence on finishing this series. As of to date the only one that is based off a game, since I do not  count visual novels as one, since they are novels, is one that finishes the day of posting this that  Kantai Collection: KanColle. So, compared to the other I want to say almost 6 or 7 I dropped. So, I do not know why it is like that, it just is. It does look good, and I said that about the others and dropped those. So, hopefully I can watch at least to episode 6.

gunslinger stratos


My weekly Review series:

Yamada and the Seven Witches:

I will say this series is just too funny sometimes. I read the manga from time to time. It also sort of worries me seeing this is supposed to be a twelve episode series and being around chapter 30 where I last stopped, it defiantly feels like around there would be where they could cover. Trying to do the first arc (which is the first 70 or so chapters) might rush it, which is unless they plan to do two cours. Anyway, if you do not like girls kissing girls or guys kissing guys, this is not for you. There is a lot of it, since one of the girl’s powers is to switch bodies. So, that comes into play a lot. How it is done is just hysterical simply by the fact it comes down to two of the characters that always are the test dummies when it comes to the powers. Anyway, I enjoy the manga, although I do not follow it fully, so I hope the anime will provide some fun.


The list of way too many shows that I will be watching since I more than likely have a problem and do not want to admit it at this point:

  1. Arslan Senki
  2. Denpa Kyoushi
  3. Digimon Adventures Tri (Nostalgia Hype)
  4. Etotama
  5. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Second Season (SABER!)
  6. Gintama (More than likely will watch despite not being fully caught up)
  7. Grisaia no Rakun (YES!)
  8. Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic (Currently watching the first season and enjoy it)
  9. Hibike! Euphonium (Music series to fill the void of Your Lie in April)
  10. High School DXD BoRN (The guilty pleasure that I can only stand watching when it is censored is back)
  11. Houkago no Pleiades (Don’t know what it is but I will watch it)
  12. Kekkai Sensen (Read what is about just now and sounds good)
  13. Lupin the 3rd (Never saw any of the series before, might as well start watching the legendary series now)
  14. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid (Currently Watching StirckerS, hope to finish in time)
  15. Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (I saw a preview and thought it looked good)
  16. Nagato Yuki no Shoushitsu (I did not see the Disappearance movie, but I will check out this series since I know what happens in the movie)
  17. Ore Monogatari (I am a sucker for a romance series, and I need another Shoujo series in my life)
  18. Nisekoi: (Still need to finish season one, this is only here in case I do finish it)
  19. Owari no Seraph
  20. Punch Line
  21. Re-Kan!
  22. Show By Rock
  23. Triage X
  24. Yahari ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Zoku
  25. Robot Girls Z + (Hopefully more than 3 episodes this time)
  26. Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai ken 2

So counting the previously mentioned 6, there is 32, that is not counting the ones that continue from winter. More than likely most will be dropped, as in just a hand full. Some on accident some on purpose. By June I will know which series I am still watching and will want to do a review for, besides Fate Stay Night, in which case there will be a poll for.


I later decided that I would edit the list. The ones that are bold are the ones I planed to watch since before the season began. The ones that where Italics, were ones that I wanted to watch after seeing the preview. The ones that have nothing are ones that I might check out after reading what they are about.


So, what series are you planning to watch this season?