FairyTail-Volume_1_Cover      This is based on of my favorite anime series, it made me want to watch more anime, which is why I label it as my favorite. The one that gave me the push to watch more shows. Once it ended for the first time, I was distraught. Once, the arc finished in the manga I decided to read the manga with the new arc. This pushed me to read more manga. Without it I would not have read series like Akame ga Kill, Attack on Titan, D-Frag, ect. It was also the first manga that I bought as well. Does the series that caused so much for me hold up to what it started when going back at the source material?

The Plot:

The plot is something that always confused me, or is not apparent at first. Although it contradicts to what is now happening in the current arc. Anyway, back to what the plot is. Lucy joins the guild Fairy Tail, one of the most destructive known guilds in all of Fiore. She meets a fire wizard known as Natsu Dragneel, who is in search of his father, and a dragon known as Igneel. The two join forces and set out on quests, and sometimes it does not always go as planned.

The Characters:

As usual I am only covering the characters that are important in this volume.

Natsu Dragneel- User of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. He is looking for his father, a dragon named Igneel, who is the person who taught him magic to begin with. He is strong, powerful, and a bit destructive. He tends to go into battle thinking of his comrades as well as his guild Fairy Tail. He is sometimes known as Salamander. His sidekick is Happy.


Lucy Heartfelia – She uses Celestial Spirit Magic. She uses keys to summon spirits. At the same time she wants to join the guild known as Fairy Tail for the fact that it is fun and interesting. She also dreams of being a writer. Once she joins she often stays with Natsu, her friend, and the person who brought her to Fairy Tail to begin with.


Happy- A “Talking Cat” (Exeed was not known until much later in the series). He can use flying magic, although it can only be used for a limited time, as well as only being able to carry one person.  He loves fish.


Everything Else:

For starters the art changed a lot. Looking at Happy, compared to later volumes is a dramatic change for starters. The more I read this volume the more nostalgic it is. I have said time and time again, Fairy Tail got me into a lot of anime, and manga for that matter. The art when it comes to fights can be amazing at times, it can be so wonderful. At the same time, how can I put this? The first volume works perfectly to set up all, currently 426 chapters that is out to date. Even going just off volume one, you can kind of tell that it will be a long running series. It does not try to shove every single main character, Erza and Gray have yet to play a major role in the series yet, and do not really show up for another arc.

Bonus and Minus Points:

? Plue starting a long term reference to Rave Master

+ Art Style is good

+ The Story, first chapter is good can easily serve as the starting point for all chapters that followed.

– The first arc is alright, would take more to read to get into

+ First arc really shows what to see in terms of how characters kind of act and the bond they share as well as the potential of what is to come.

-Unclear what the real plot for the story could be, other than finding Igneel.

? The Nostalgia factor to my favorite anime that got me into a lot of series.

Does it hold up:

This is rather simple. It does. It does not change much in some aspects, sure the characters change, art changes a bit. But this serves as a good backbone to the start of this long running series. As I already stated, it can be seen clearly that it would be a long running series just from the first volume. However, where the story is now compared to where it began is two totally different things, and it is amazing how that has happened.

Final Score:

80/100 (I really wish the book store would carry more volumes, right now I can only get the first 12, and the very later ones.)

If you enjoy this series, and can stand to put up the money, (although some people can do that for 70 plus volumes for One Piece and Naruto) then get it if you want to. I would love to get this series fully, even though there is a lot of trouble doing so unless I were to live on my own.

With that said, this series is Licensed by Kodansha Comics USA and for simulpub by Crunchyroll.

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