This is also known as Is it Wrong to try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

So, this is the first of the five I said I would do first impressions for for the spring season. All will be coming out on different days. Also they will not be out the day the show originally aired, mostly because I do not want two posts in a day and it also gives time for people to see it for themselves. I will start off by talking about what the episode was about. My overall thoughts. Then ending with a brief talk about the shows I watched already before this one.

Episode 1:

The episode begins with a brief talk about the gods of the world all wanting to be normal. In order to do this they seal their power away to live side by side people. At the same time they look for people to worship them so they can offer them power in return.

Then after what I can only assume at this point is the main heroine saving the main male character, who we do not get a full look at. It goes to the title.

danmachi title

After the title shows there are some small scenes of the town. Then we see the main character, Bell as he runs through the town covered in blood.

main character

He is then scolded for going deep into the dungeon alone. That is unless he was to have a party. Now let me stop there for a moment. Main heroine already appeared, at least more than likely the main heroine, then there is the title, and this whole thing about a party, it is clear this is setting up for a harem now. At the same time if I did not know already that the genre this one falls under as a harem, and if the title was a little different, I would not suspect it just yet. Although I do give it credit for mixing it up. Alright now back to everything else.

Bell then learns about the person who saved him, Aiz Wallenstein. She happens to be a level five adventurer and Bell being only a level one. At the same time it is said that she is one of the strongest swordsmen in the land. Bell also learns that the two are part of different Familia, which means they serve two different gods, so it would be difficult for him to get to know her.

If that little thing before did not hint of a harem. Well what his grandfather saying how he should save a girl in a dungeon to meet her did. Save the girl, and eventually that can lead somewhere. Anyway, he makes his way home where he meets the god he works for, Hestia.


The two talk for a bit, which ultimately ends with what looks like a stat based system implemented on Bell’s back. It looks as though as if adventures are sort of characters that would be in an JRPG.stats

Okay, so at this point I decided I was not getting anywhere in typing this up while watching it. So I finished the episode, that was almost the halfway point where I left off.

So anyway, Hestia, although I had to look up her name since she is known to be called as Kamisama. She does not tell Bell that his special ability deals with his feelings. The stronger his feelings are for someone the faster his stats grow. After a long day in the dungeon the following day, he gets a major stat boost. Although he has no idea why. Hestia gets annoyed since she is not the girl he has been thinking about and storms off.upset

While she is away Bell goes to the local pub, who one of the workers there he promised he would eat there that night. There Aiz Wallenstein and her familia show up. One bad mouths away, unknowingly talking about Bell. Bell gets upset believing that Wallenstein would never like a weak guy like him and runs off to the dungeon, which the following day he makes it home bloody and goes unconscious. The episode soon ends with him saying he wants to get stronger.


I enjoyed it. Personally since I had to stop it some many times either to get a screenshot or to write something down it bothered me. I also think I will watch this episode again just to watch it for fun. Personally I think as of right now I am going to enjoy this series. World building was done good in this episode and I hope it builds up on everything that it accomplished so far. It defiantly looks like it could be one of the better not generic harem anime series out there. Although now looking up according to Wikipedia, although it will probably later be proven different, it is not labeled as a harem, somehow I think it will be.

Score 5/5

I would like to say these scores are different from my reviews and reflect my personal opinion if I will continue or not. Lower score means I probably won’t or run the risk of dropping it.

What else I have seen:

Oregairu Season 2: I do not remember much from season 1. I did not really like it either. I think this was because the main character was too pessimistic. Although it was two years ago since I last saw this series. I have to say I did enjoy this episode. I may go back and rewatch season one as well just to remember what happened. I think I would enjoy it a lot more now. If I do, well I might turn it into a review now that I decided I am not doing the High School DXD reviews.

Re-Kan! : I actually just finished watching this one. I have to say I rather enjoyed it. It was a nice mellow way to start off for a first episode and gave me a few chuckles. This is one I hope to continue.

Part 2 for this series will be out when Episode 6 comes out. For what I will be doing first Impressions for check out the list here.

What did you think of these series?

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So until the next time.