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This is probably the only place were you won’t find any of the tentacle image.

I would like to say this one is different than DanMachi, where I wrote this after the episode was finished. So talking about it might not be as full as it was for Danmachi, since I want to enjoy the episode. You can probably expect this for all future ones.

The plot:

The episode begins with the main character Soma cooking some peanut butter tentacles. I kid you not. He walks into his family restaurant before doing a cooking contest with his father. A girl eats the food, ecchi things happen. Not sure why but it does. There are a lot of Foodgasms in this show.main character person

Anyway fast forward, a lady wants to buy the restaurant; Soma says they will never close as long as they can feed one customer. The following day the restaurant was vandalized by that lady and her henchmen.Dirty Tricks

She mocks him, he gets upset and feeds her the food she wanted. More Foodgasms of a naked level.

food stuff

More things happen, and the father says he is going to close the restaurant for two or three years to work with a buddy sending Soma off to culinary school. He later learns this has a 10% graduation rate and one of the roughest culinary schools. The episode ends with the possible best girl making an appearance.

best girl


So many foodgasms. Did not know it was going to be this ecchi, seeing it is a cooking show. Did not read the manga, so wow. (Later that night I did read some of the first few chapters, since my rule was to watch the episode before doing that) I did enjoy it. I did find it harder to write the plot portion of this. Anyway, it was enjoyable. It had a good balance over everything.

4/5 I will hopefully continue through all of this. Again the score is based off my personal enjoyment.

What else I watched:

Denpa Kyoushi– This was good. I really liked it. I remember reading the manga a super long time ago, back when it was only around 70 chapters long or less, it is well over a 130. Anyway although I stopped with the manga after watching this episode I picked it up again. It was good.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid– I finished StrickerS (aka the third series of this franchise) three hours before watching this episode. I have to say just from the Op I love how I can see all the old characters. Plus although this series will not focus on the Nanoha X Fate relationship, it was good to see the few scenes with them together and how much they changed in the four year difference from the last series. Fate is best girl in this series. I loved how much she changed in StrikerS, and I hope she shows up more too. The same goes for the villains now being the allies from the previous series, they look like they will play somewhat of a role in it, should be interesting. It will also be weird to try to get used to a weekly format after a marathon the first three, granted season 2 and 3 I just watched this past month and season one back in October, but never mind. I will be keeping this one.

What did you think of these shows?

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So until the next time.