Again like the last show I am watching it then writing about it. So, there is that. I will say my thoughts after this as well, and mention any show that I have seen between the previous posts. This is how I am going to do it from now on, at least for these first impressions.

The Plot:

So, I would like to begin I can never remember the characters names after the first few episode. Not sure if Plamamo main characteranyone realized that, and then again they have been easy so far. Anyway the main character gets a new job. That job is to help dispose of the robot’s memories. This can sometimes be a challenge since the owners need to sign a consent form. The only reason they need to dispose of the memories is because of that being the life span running up and they run the risk of malfunctioning.

The first episode deals with the struggle of trying to get the owner to sign the consent form as well as the main character getting used to working on the job. He is also pared with robots as well. I am not really sure what else to say, since it is pretty much that straight forward when it came to this episode in terms of plot.

tea time

My thoughts:

I have a feeling I know where this show is going, specifically with the main heroine and being an older android. So, more than likely the last episode will be saying goodbye to her. I could be wrong, hopefully I am. Anyway, this episode was light hearted and rather enjoyable. It also caused plenty of tears at the end as well as a few laughs. I think just by this one episode alone this will probably be one of the best original series this season, and probably a contender for this year.

Snack time

Score 6/5 Definitely sticking all the way through with this one. I would also like to say the score represents my personal interest into the show and not my analytically thoughts that reviews do.

What else I am Watching:

Kekkai Sensen– That first episode was good. I will definitely keep this series.  I looked it up after and noticed how it was writing by the guy who made Trigun. Although I have yet to see that series, it was big here in the US, I could picture this series being the same as well. This could be the fact of the setting or just who knows why.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Season 2- I don’t like Rin that is all I have to say. Also after Saber, Caster is Best Girl just for being a complete mystery sometimes. Also there was not enough Saber is this episode.

What did you think of these shows?

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So until the next time.