Liebster Award Five A Good Day to Nominate Hard


I was nominated by Masumi Amari from Morning Toast. So, thank you for nominating me, I mean it. So, let me see I am no out of Die Hard References after this one. Anyway I seem to be right about the fact that it only takes a week between these posts. Since I nominated people last time I will not nominate people this time. Maybe every other four, of course although that is a joke the scary thing is I might be right.

Before I begin I would just like to thank everyone. It has only been four months since starting this and this past month alone there was a lot of growth here. So, once more I want to say thank you to each and every one of you guys. I honestly did not think it was going to grow this much so quickly.

Anyway time to get to the eleven questions that I was asked. I would also like to thank Masumi once more for giving the most random questions I have been asked to date.

1. If you could be any type of food what would it be?

If I had to be any type of food, this is a little tricky. Joking, white chocolate because I am white and sweet. Not joking answer, which I had to stop for a second since I was giggling about the last one, probably anything that is homemade or sweets.

2.  If you had to pick any director (for show, movie etc….) to direct your life, who would it be?

I would say Michel Bay, but my life is farthest from an action movie. Probably Steven Spielberg because he is awesome for starters.

3. What character or actor would play you in ‘Your Life’s Story, the Movie’?

I would want some I guess, whatever actor the ladies like now I don’t pay attention, since it would be the farthest exaggeration from what I really look like. Also they would need to be tall for more of an over exaggeration.

4. Which time of day is your favorite time and why?

I would have to say seven at night till I go to bed since that is when I watch a decent amount of anime. That also seems to be around the time when some are finally getting subbed, really the late afternoon.

5. What is your favorite color and what do you think it would taste like?

My favorite color is blue, I think it would taste like something that is blue. Then I see the closest thing to me that is blue and that is my phone case, so not that, maybe blueberries even though I don’t like blueberries.


6. If you had to cut off one part of your body, which one would it be?

My left arm is kind of useless. So my pinky toe, just because I have a personal reason why.


7. Where do you picture yourself tomorrow or in 25 years?

That is kind of broad. Tomorrow I see myself doing what I do every day. Twenty five years from now, let me see hopefully married and having kids and hopefully a published writer as well.


8. Would you drink nail polish if someone gave you 500 bucks?

No, that is unless I can get away with drinking the smallest drop imaginable.

9. What are some secrets you think the government is hiding?

Aliens. If people knew about them then people would either freak out or who knows what. Either that or something that could turn everything we know about this world upside down since if we were to know about it the fact itself could cause panic.

10. If you had to be a stuffed animal for a toddler, what would you be?

I do not know what it is with these questions and turning into inanimate objects. Anyway, I would probably go with the stuff animal I still have and had since I was two. It is Simba from the Lion King. I keep him on a shelf in my bedroom.


11. What was your first anime ever and would you want to live in it?

My first anime ever, Pokemon, but what I considered an anime and what made me watch more was Deltora Quest. Pokemon yes I would not mind living in that world, Deltora Quest not so much.


 Like I said earlier I will not nominate anyone this time. Again, thank you for nominating me, thank you for the insanely different questions then I am used to. It was a lot of fun. I would also like to suggest to people to check out her blog.

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