So yeah, same as the previous ones.


There is not really much I can say. It honestly feels like there is going to be less and less for these, even though there is only one more post for my first impressions. The main character is going to school. The time is in our future where the world is predetermined by your rank. People have been disappearing by some unknown phenomenon. The main character witnesses a girl, who he saw in his dream, run away. He chases after her and somehow ends up in what looks like present day judging by some of the clocks saying 2015. It is only at this point where I remembered I forgot to take any pictures and do not feel like going back to do so, sorry. This mostly comes from the fact of my thoughts about it.


At this point, meh at best. This series is okay. As I stated in the pre-season post to date I have only completed two shows that are based off of games, a lot have been dropped. Of those two I forget one of them. With someone who has seen over 400 titles according to Mal, game based series have a high tendency to be dropped. So, I won’t be surprised if this one does as well and it looks like it is if I cannot enjoy episode 2.

Score:  meh/5  The score is based on Personal enjoyment

Also here are images from other shows I watched.

What else I watched:

Mikagura School Suite: Within two minutes I knew I was keeping this. Yuri, action, and comedy wrapped up perfectly into one. The main character is incredibly likable and I think I will really enjoy this series.

obvious yuri stuff

Gintama 2015: I cried of laughter from the apologizing for not staying finished and how the final was not the final. I still have yet to catch up to the show, but I think I will continue to watch until I deem like I do not know what is going on or someone tells me I should not. I still have another 160 or so episodes till I am at the latest one, but I will defiantly catch up at some point. Still just as funny.