So, today is somewhat a special day, sort of. I really do not know the exact date.  Today is the day I started to work on my story, the main one I want to publish, eight years ago possibly today. I am glad I marked when I worked on other stories after this one. But anyways, even writing this now I am a little uncertain how much I will talk about it.

I write a lot. I am majoring in Professional Writing and currently at the time this post goes up, I am about a month away from finishing my Junior year. But knowing I wanted to have this major did not start on this day all those years ago. It goes back way before that.

I stayed back a year in elementary school. I think this was one cause for me to become a little shy. At the same time without it I might not have become the person that I am today. I was not in the greatest crowd of people in first grade, which was when I stayed back. I think if I stayed with them I would have become the type of person I do not like, a bully or I could have become someone who I am not like now, a jock.

Since I stayed back there was one friend of mine that I knew since Preschool, who we also traveled to school together with. Since he was a grade higher I knew a little more what was to come in the following year in terms of events and such. One event, that for whatever reason, I really looked forward to, Author’s Night. It was where we would spend time writing stories, drawing for the stories, and then reading them to the parents that night.

I really looked forward to that night for whatever reason. I even remember what the story was about and well dealt with, Time Travel.

After that night the idea of writing was gone. Then fourth grade came along. I was watching the latest Digimon series, Frontier. I think that is what caused it, although I have no real proof. I had a dream, about transforming and stuff like that. For whatever reason it might have been I wanted to write about it, write a story using that idea. Each character had a specific element that they used. That story was worked on for a little over a year and a half. Then I stopped for a while and drew a comic with a superhero when fifth grade came along.

Then seventh grade happen. I am not sure what made me do it. The pencil just was in my hand, the notebook already. That idea that has been forming since second grade was all adding up. It just felt natural. It always has been. Maybe in a past life I was a writer, maybe in a past life I wrote comics, who knows. It just felt natural.

Originally the story was to just call for it to take place within a few months, and be a trilogy. That was only the basic idea. At the same time after seventh grade I stopped writing it, that last week or two in eight grade I started writing again with more thoughts about it. Ninth grade I would write each day after school, ignoring the pain in my back caused by that chair. I would always write until that call for dinner.

Well with the time passed it formed to what it is close to what it is now, seemingly a world in itself spread across a multiverse. I know I mentioned my story Hero Team in Training here once or twice and how I post it on Devinatart, and on Wattpad for a more edited and overall better version. That is another universe connected to those stories in the main one. Anyway Hero Team in Training was not an idea till freshmen year in college after watching too much Harem anime, which is why the relationship with Luke, Anne, and Liz is the bizarre love triangle that it is. At the same time I greatly changed it which is why Amor is who she reveals to be in the Secret Agenda arc, Kim having a boyfriend, and Leila getting a boyfriend in the Siren in Love arc, to wipe away all possibilities of it being a harem with the overload of female cast members. Plus at the same time the Amor and Liz relationship in deeper detail in the Secret Agenda arc is sort of affecting how the recent on ended on Deviantart.

Although that was one tangent and it is now going into another. It is odd that anime really had some effect on my writing. I am only now realizing it while writing this. Perhaps my thoughts on looking back are only now putting the pieces together. Digimon inspired a main portion of the elements and controlling them that are present in my main story. I just went over with how Hero Team in Training was inspired. It is weird thinking about it. Sure now a days certain scenes or ideas may help come up with ideas for Hero Team in Training, but the others not so much.

Anyway, time to get away from all the tangents once more and hopefully for the last time. I think I was talking about ninth grade last. That was really when I had my mind-set on being a writer. Every day I worked on that story. Sure no a days it is not every day, but I am working a lot. Between what I hope is the true final draft of that story, Hero Team in Training, and my blog I write a lot.

Happiness is an odd thing. Sometimes when you are happy you can forget that you are. Sometimes when you are happy you want to find something that can prove you wrong, which makes you no longer happy. It is very odd. Only thinking about it makes me happy or realizes that I am happy with what I do. Sure, sometimes working on a story or a blog post can be a little tiring, but recently I feel fulfilled seeing comments and people saying their opinion on my post. It is such a wonderful thing. I may not have received feedback like that for any of my stories, but I am sure if I ever do, it will be such a wonderful thing.

So, I think it is time to talk a little about the story itself. Which is the hard part for me getting a little nervous is typing this up. I will do my best though.


Hero Saga Book 1: Birth of Heroes Synopsis

Upon his fifteenth birthday James Davids is told by his parents that he is a Power, a person with superpowers. Over his years he has been unknowingly trained and has always wanted to help people. With Powers not having the greatest reputation can he make a difference. With the use of his powers he discovers the unwanted future with his powers being in control. At what length would one go to change their future? At what point is someone known as a hero? Do you give up or do you always hold onto that sliver of hope?


So, yeah, that is the synopsis to the first book, the book that sets up so many other stories. The friends, the bonds, a lot of things, all start there. I would also like to add that the first book takes place throughout the course of a year. He does age a lot in the series. Where by the end of book four about ten total years have passed since the first one, which is a very important point in the series.

Anyway, I have hand written the first four and planned out the series ending at eight. I will not say anything about the other series that take place within that universe, but I think I did mention somewhere that Hero Team in Training, with what I have planned for that, would need about ten volumes to do although as of right now only two will be on Deviantart before stopping and one on Wattpad. So, I have a lot of stories, with just the two I described that is over eighteen. I think at one point, before Hero Team in Training was a thing. I have ideas for over thirty-five books that I have been planning over the years. I think now it is around fifty.  However I always plan way too far ahead and have not been published yet, so baby steps. Someday that dream of being published will happen.

So with that said, when this goes up I am counting as the eight year anniversary of when I first started Hero Saga.



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