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Well it is April, and the jokes from April Fools have now passed. Some were good, while others not so much. As an anime fan who lives in America it feels like I get two days of April First, the first day being on March 31st, where I have to question if an announcement is real or not when it comes to anime since in Japan it is April 1st. then when it finally becomes that day here in the US, it is a matter of getting everything else that was the day before leftovers. So, with that out of the way to explain the fact that this month is rather comedic, time to go down on what my top five comedy series are.

Number 5: Sabagebu!

This series was last in my Top Five Shoujo series, there it was at number 4, but well, yeah. This series, along with the next one on the list are easily two of the funniest series that came out last year, although three of the ones on this list are, what is higher is at its spot for other reasons. Any way back when I lived on my own during last summer Sundays I really looked forward to since I would watch this and the next one back to back. Each episode I look forward to and this one easily had one of the best endings for a parody show in the final episode. Although the episodes were divided into halves, so it was sort of like watching two episodes at once. The first part in the final episode, well it aired when I had to move back home. My brothers never heard me laugh as much as I did before. What I love about this series is the fact that by episode one you can watch laughing and by the final episode laugh even more. This is one series that, when I think about it, it feels like it was not given as much as attention as it should, not sure why. But if you are a fan of parodies, I would definitely recommend you check this out. There are also a lot of American film Parodies as well, so just by that you can probably get more than just some of them.


Number 4: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

It really feels like I do not need to talk about this one that much. Sabagebu! had the laughs. This series as well, especially I want to say episode nine. Anyway, there is more to this series than just the pure comedy aspect, which is what you will also see at Number 3. I like the story and the set up. The final episode, especially in the final few minutes it sort of feels like there was actual progress and the feeling that was there, was truly overwhelming, then it did possibly the best thing, end with a laugh. It gave the feeling of a completed story, sort of, at least the best you can with a comedy series that at first feels like it is going to be a romantic comedy. It pulled that off well, and I would love to put it higher on this list because of it, but I can’t.


Number 3: D-Frag!

So, the people who have checked out my Top Fifteen series that I came out with in February, the next three are on that list, just in a different order. This series is actually the highest comedy series on that list. I really like the comedy, and the manga was what really got me into it. The anime I would have to say is up there for one of the best adaptations of a manga, from the jokes and the passing that they covered. Granted they skipped an arc that was later covered in an OVA, but it does not change the fact that it literally felt like I could read the manga while watching the anime and know what they are saying. It feels like some shows have to tweak jokes in order to work in an anime format or add a little something extra, this series did not have to do it. This is also the only series on the list that I have read. Compared to the other adaptations that I read in terms and watching this one seems up there for the best, if not then it is one of the best. It does not need to add extra punches or attacks in a fight, it does not need to cover a certain amount to get a good ending. Even the arc, which was only like two chapters, that was skipped you could not tell was skipped in both the manga and in the anime. Also, I want to see a second season.

d-frag anime

Number 2: Seitokai Yakuindomo

This series is basically s*x jokes the animation. If you cannot stand those types of jokes this series is clearly not for you, everyone but the main male character does these jokes. What is even better is how they pull off the fact that although it is in the four panel style it can still pull of a full length series unlike some other four panel series. Although I have yet to try to re-watch this series, I know if I were I could probably still laugh just as much as the first time around, if you can handle nothing but the jokes that this series offers, then I suggest checking it out.


Number 1: Gintama

Out of all on this list this is the only one I have yet to complete. I am only around episode ninety right now. The review that basically set up how I do all my reviews was this series for the first year of its airing, which was episode 1-49.  The first 30 are the weakest, and I was laughing at those ones. I really like this series, and if you can enjoy the first 30 episodes I suggest you watch it. The only thing is that it is a very long series, since it recently came back it is already going past 260 somewhat episodes. I did watch the latest one and will continue until I feel like I do not know what is going or someone tells me I should wait. I am also watching the older episodes at the same time. It is good to know that not much changes. The start of the latest episode I shed a few tears from laughing at the fact that they were straight out apologizing for the fact that the show was supposed to end with the movie, which was a great way for it to return. Anyway if you have a lot of time on your hands at least watch the first few episodes.

gintama stuff

So, yeah, that is it for comedy series. Next time I will talk about my top five Comedic Characters. That might be a little harder. I will put Carnival Phantasm for the fact Type Moon did an excellent job at making fun of their own work.


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– Joe