Liebster Award Nomination 6: I Have No More Die Hard References


Well, since I am out of Die Hard references I think I should get started. I was nominated by krisneo99 from the blog Life of a Singaporean Student. The typical rules, which I am now realizing I left out on half the posts, deal with some things. Anyway since I am just answering the questions and am not nominating anyone this time around, since joking aside and am actually being serious for once, I will probably be here again soon answering more questions. Enough about that since I gladly accept it and like answering the questions that the people took the time and made.

Without further ado, thank you krisneo99 for nominating me for this Liebster Award.

1) What are some of the best Anime have you ever watched?

I am not really sure. It really depends on a person’s taste, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, and Kara no Kyokai come to mind.

2) Why do you watch Anime?

I guess I originally watched it by accident and I enjoyed it and wanted to see more. Now it is probably because it is an addiction,  it is enjoyable, it is interesting, and always changing and I am sure there are more reasons why I watch it now.

3) What are some of the difficulties you face in life?

Keeping the fact I watch anime a secret from my parents. I find it odd how I really do not care when it comes to meeting with people, but my family I do, mostly because they can always hold it over me and always be there. Other than that trying to find a job, dealing with the fact that every time I try to ask a girl out it results in her either friend zoning me or having a boyfriend (typically the second), worrying if I will ever be able to publish my book and having it good enough for publication.

4) How long have you been watching Anime?

I have been watching anime for a little over three years and four months. During which time occurring to MAL I have seen over 400 titles.

5) If you could be any character in any anime, who would you want to be and why?

Tada Barni from Golden Time, since he has Koko, who is always with him. I would say a harem series, but there love never gets anywhere. I want at least some idea at what love is, considering I am twenty two and do not really know. (I really said I would not complain about this sort of thing yet I am, sorry people reading this.)

6) Do you hate Physics?

I am an English major, math is my opposite, and physics is close to that in terms of a class I do hate. Other than that without physics we would be in space, so the feeling is mutual.

7) What are your views on Aliens?

I think they are cool. I mean somewhere out there has to be a form of intelligent life. If we could become peaceful with one another that would make not just this world, but the universe a lot better place to live knowing we are in fact not alone and have something new to learn.

8) Given a chance, would you want to create an anime series yourself?

Yes, when my book gets published, although I doubt getting it animated would be a possibility, I would want to see that as an anime. Or just about anything, since I am a writer I am sure I could think of some sort of idea for a series.

9) Do you consider yourself an Otaku?

I said earlier that according to MAL I have seen over 400 titles. I think at this point I have to consider myself an Otaku, that and I have that journal post I do every now and again called I The American Otaku, it would be kind of hypocritical if I was not and called myself it.

10) What is your motivation in life?

To write. I really like writing. Someday I would love to be a father. But I really like writing, and sadly enough out of the two only the first one seems reachable at this point. Although that was supposed to be taken as a joke, it sort of is not at the same time. I am not that very lucky when it comes to someone of the opposite gender.

Anyway besides basically doing what I tend to do and not wanting to talk about somethings that I said I would not talk about here, but whatever.  I had fun answering these questions and although I am not nominating anyone, thank you again for nominating me krisneo99 from Life of a Singaporean Student.