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This will be different from my normal reviews. Also, I am a little uncertain how I will be doing this for future weekly reviews so keep that in mind. I would like to add it mostly will focus on the plot. A brief talk about new characters that show up before diving into key plot points, my final thoughts, and that is about it I think.

Anyway before I begin I am a little concerned for this series. I do enjoy the manga, although I have not read it in sometime and am only about 40 chapters in out with well over 100 more to catch up. I know the first arc with all the witches is well into the seventies I think for chapters, although I am uncertain and if someone does know where that moment I am talking about is please tell me. So, without further ado time to get started.


Now before I begin I will warn you if you are not a fan of any of the following then you probably will not like this series: Boy kissing girl, girl kissing girl, boy kissing boy, girl in boy’s body kissing boy in girl’s body, boy in girl’s body kissing boy in girl’s body, girl in boy’s body kissing girl in boy’s body, girl in boy’s body kissing girl, and boy in girl’s body kissing boy, plus a lot more combinations that I cannot really think of right now since it is late writing this.

With that out of the way let’s get started.

The episode beings introducing the main character Yamada is told not to skip class, and basically that he sleeps in class when he shows up. His grades are slipping and before long the honor student, Shiraishi, shows up. The teacher tells Yamada to be more like her. He then confronts her on the stair way before the two falls and Yamada becomes unconscious.Plot Point 1

When Yamada finally wakes up he finds himself in Shiraishi’s body. He panics and is unsure what to do. Naturally he goes to try to find his own body, which he does which Shiraishi is in sitting in class and being the typical honor student that she is. He drags her to the roof where he begins to question why they switched bodies. Shiraishi does not care for the moment and just wants to go through the rest of the school day normal. She also does not want to deal with going to the bathroom again as a man.

Plot Point 2

As the day passes Yamada decides to fool around in Shiraishi’s body, checking her out, acting weird around people and what not. Lunch time soon comes and some classmates wish to eat lunch with her. There it is discovered that Shiraishi is bullied.Plot Point 3

After dealing with it for a little while Yamada confronts Shiraishi about it, where she just wants him to stay out of it and do nothing about it or he would make it worse than it already is.Plot Point 4

A short amount of time passes where one of the girls talks about how she spotted her talking to Yamada, since no one knows they switched bodies. Yamada is annoyed and goes to hit her only to have Shiraishi take the hit.

After talking about it a bit more the two decide it is best to try to reenact the event that happened earlier with them falling down the stairs causing their bodies to switch. They try once and fail, only to try several more times and continue to fail.

Plot Point 5

After questioning if they will ever turn back Shiraishi mentions that they did kiss on the first fall, and have not done so since. She leans forward to kiss Yamada to see if that was the cause, which it was.

Plot Point 6

A few days pass and they kissed again to see if they could still switch bodies, which they could. They also needed to since Shiraishi was going to take the supplementary exams for him so he could pass his class.Plot Point 7

While she was taking the exams and Yamada back in her body he is confronted by Muyamura, who stated that they had a date today. It is not before long that one Yamada finds out Moyamura is a total wimp and two he just wanted to see if what he though was true that Yamada and Shiraishi switched bodies.

Plot Point 8

He then purposes that the two should use the empty Supernatural Studies Club to be able to switch bodies if needed. As well as become new members since the club disbanded. While they are discussing if they should do this or not it is discovered that the ability is in fact through kissing, although it is unsure who it is since it was both Shiraishi and Yamada’s first kiss. This is then purposed that Yamada to Kiss Miyamura, which they do and switch bodies.

Plot Point 9

With the fact that they discovered Yamada has the ability two switch bodies, they form the club to keep it a secret knowing that they would not want this information out. This is mostly due to Shiraishi taking exams for Yamada. The episode ends with who I know is another female main character, Ito, showing up

Plot Point 10


The Characters:

Yamada: the main character who happens to be a delinquent.Yamada

Shiraishi: The honor student and main heroine.

Main Heroine

Miyamura:  the student conceal vice president and the first person to discover Yamada’s power

That Guy

My thoughts:

I am a little worried at this point on how much they are going to cover. All seven witches are clearly seen in the opening and if introducing them all in the twelve episodes that the series has, well I am very worried since as I said it is a little over seventy chapters to introduce all of them. In the forty or so that I have read, it really feels like that would not even be a halfway point for a twelve episode series unless they rushed. In that case we have another Brynhildr in the Darkness which shoved 100 chapters into the 13 episodes it was given, and I do not want that,


Important plot points:

-Yamaada and Shiraishi meet

– The power to switch bodies is discovered

– The Club is reformed


Final Words:

So, for a starting episode it was pretty good. It built up the main focus of this series which is the Yamada and Shiraishi relationship rather nicely. At the same time it did not reveal too much information that would contain spoilers. At the same time it has not gotten into the real humor of this series or even shown real signs of it. It did build up nicely for the main mystery for this series. Although it is a little late, this is not a harem series but a normal romantic comedy.


Overall Score: 80/100

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For those of you that saw this, what did you think?



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